It is incomprehensible to me that there are such strong feelings for a relatively unknown politician.  How many people across the nation had even heard the name Barack Obama mere 3 years ago in January 2006?

In the time since, he has managed to mesmerize a large section of the nation and won the presidency of the United States. Yet still, no one knows anything about him.  Yes, we know about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Rev. Pfleger, we know about his ties to, and involvement in, organized crime and corruption (Rezko, Blogojevich), we do know that he has been endorsed and praised by Hamas and Hezbollah and we know that the mere mention of his name makes Chris Mathews’ leg tingle.  What is it that causes so many people to disregard the facts and become weak kneed at Obama’s charisma?

We don’t even know where he was born, for sure.  We know that (as reported) his grandmother and at least one aunt say they witnessed his birth in Kenya.  We know that if you say anything negative or even question him about his past you are immediately labeled a racist.   We know that that sentiment has caused even the Supreme Court to deny or delay hearing multiple cases regarding the release his birth certificate and proof that he is even eligible to be President.

We know that the media from which most people get their political misinformation is so enamored that they will not ask the necessary questions, possibly because they don’t want to hear the answers.  And we know that when the questions are posed, the questions are brushed aside and the questioners are ridiculed.

Can you say Jim Jones?

I dislike the thought of being afraid, but I am.  I don’t believe that growing government, taking money from those who earn it and giving it to those who refuse to earn any is the right way to lead a nation out of hard times.

Yes, I believe that this country is ready for a black president.  I just don’t believe this black man is the right one.

This is BIZARRO.  If you too are bothered by this political anomaly, Please forward this email to every intelligent and thinking American you can.



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