You’ve heard it before, so hear it again and again until you understand it.  Hold onto your wallet, life is going to get more expensive.  I don’t care if you’re a billionaire, millionaire, worker bee or on welfare, you’ll be spending more and getting less.

While Obummer says that we’ll all have to sacrifice, “Everybody is going to have to give”, he is not foregoing any of the $400,000 paycheck he will receive.  He’s also not cutting back on the $50,000,000 two day inauguration party.  Additionally, he effectively congratulated Congress on their unearned base salary increase of $4,700 per year.  I guess they just couldn’t live on the mere $169,300 they got last year.   That by the way puts them in the top 5% of the country’s wage earners (well wage recipients anyway).  Fortunately, they only have a 14% popularity and approval rating.  Just think of the raise they would vote for themselves if they actually worked for us.  (All three branches of our government pay for nothing.  They purchase their meals, gifts, transportation and virtually everything else on their federal credit card – your pocket and mine.)

Be realistic with yourself for a minute.  I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent.  While you could only purchase enough gas, not a full tank, to get to and from work until payday you contributed to the purchase of an $8,000 Cartier watch for a lobbyist.  Aren’t you grateful for the opportunity to share in the $2,500 tab for a steak and lobster dinner for ten or the six martini lunch for Ted Kennedy?  If you are, you’ve shared one to many ‘tabs’ with Tim O’Leary.

With a $10.7 trillion national debt and projected deficit spending in the area of +/- $2 trillion per year for the next 5-10 years you can expect your taxes to go up.  It won’t be as blatant or obvious as an income tax increase (though that too could happen).  But you can bet that you’ll be paying the federal government a bit more for every ball game you attend, dozen eggs you buy, car that you need or gas or electricity to propel it.  There will be more taxes hidden in everything you buy, say or do.

His plan is to spend our way out of debt.  Now think about that kids!  What do you do when you’re out of money?  Do you immediately go out and make large and foolish purchases on your credit cards?  Do you spend your entire savings rapidly so you can get back on your feet faster?

Perhaps you do, but most of us curtail our spending, forego the well deserved vacation.  We are not the government and the government no longer acts on behalf of  “We the People”, they are and do whatever pleases them, the ‘elite’.  The government will continue spending.  The cutbacks are for you – not them!

Pull the belt a little tighter and be proud of your sacrifice!

Joe Biden (V.P. elect) believes it’s “patriotic” to give to the government.  So, be patriotic and give until it hurts more – a lot more!


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