In case you missed it, I felt an article by Julie Hirschfeld Davis seen this morning on “The Drudge Report” to be quite interesting so I’ll share.

President elect Obummer has chosen an income tax evader, Timothy Geithner, to head the Treasury Department.  And Congress is expected to accelerate his confirmation so that he won’t be disappointed on inauguration day.  Can you say fox and hen house?

Wait a minute!  Congress is going to fast track his confirmation to the Secretary of the Treasury Department when the IRS would have attached our assets and possibly jailed you or me for the same thing!

$34,000 is the amount he failed to pay.  Think about it.  That’s welfare payments and health care benefits for a couple of illegal aliens for a whole year.  But all is to be forgiven by this Congress because he complied with the 2006 audit involving tax years 2001-2004 days before his nomination.

This presidency is looking more corrupt than the Clinton administration and Obummer hasn’t even been sworn in yet.  Be sure and donate some of your extra cash for the inaugural party.



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