You and I would wince in pain from “tennis neck” if we looked the other way as rapidly as Congress (collectively) does every time an Obummer cabinet pick goes before them for confirmation.

This time it’s Tom Daschle. He didn’t declare the compensation ‘perks’ he received as taxable income for the years 2005-2007 until he wanted another gubmint job and knew it would be identified. But it was only $102,000 that he kept for himself. He’ll get he DHHS secretary position anyway, though.

Before that it was Tim Geithner who paid $34,000 in back taxes days before he was nominated for Secretary of the Treasury. Of course he will be in charge of the IRS even though he doesn’t understand the tax laws or who has to pay taxes for compensation.

Then there was Hillary Clinton. If you remember, she listed campaign donations in the maximum amount of $2,000 from people earning minimum wage such as bus boys and also people on welfare. She accepted campaign donations from foreign nationals (not unlike our current President) and people with addresses that simply didn’t exist. And, before she could take the job as Secretary of State, she had to write off a bunch of bills from her campaign. *For those of you who don’t understand business: She didn’t pay her obligations, i.e. she stiffed her creditors, and is now exonerated. She over spent her money just as she will continue doing with yours.

The list goes on and on and no one in Congress even needs to see a chiropractor. They are so used to looking the other way when a Democrat commits a crime that it doesn’t even bother them any more. Perhaps it’s a self-correcting ailment because they whip their eyes forward to see if there’s anything they can find out about a Republican.

This is supposed to be the most transparent administration in history.  I, for one, am still not convinced that Obummer is a natural born citizen because he refuses to release the information.  It’s the Supreme Court that has their heads turned on this one!



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