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February 26, 2009

The reason I so love paying taxes is because the government is more efficient than I am in finding ways to properly spend the money. And they always make sure that there is a significant portion set aside to appoint a commission of not less than 10-15 people to oversee the distribution of those dollars. Of course the fifteen person oversight commissioners cannot do an adequate job without each having a staff of at least five persons to handle the important back office work.

This is the way the government makes sure that the unemployment rates stay in check. They suck the money out of the pockets of the hard working and industrious to employ more people in the government. It is counter productive to free enterprise where the businesses and individuals are responsible for their own well-being, but that’s the way big government works.

Let’s take for instance the auto industry. There will be ten commissioners plus their staff (at an average of $50,000/yr.) will take approximately $2.5 million out of the Pork Barrel Spending Bill. That’s about a 15% administrative overhead on the monies allocated to the industry so far. Sure it puts people to work and gives them some money to spend within the economy, but taxes have to be raised in order to pay them. Government grows and “We the People” lose.

If we simply allowed the auto manufacturers to declare bankruptcy and restructure their business models, making them more competitive in today’s market we would have better products at a lower cost. There would be no government interference or costs to the public. As it is, what we’ll get out of it is more of the same; mediocre product at a higher cost per feature than imports. Some of the laid-off workers will be re-employed, at least for a short time. Then GM and Chrysler will falter and finally throw in the towel declaring bankruptcy after enjoying +/- 50 billion of our dollars.

Ford, on the other hand, chose to do their restructuring without the government meddling and tinkering with their company to the point that they go belly up. I’m not big on Ford, their politics, their philosophy or their products, but I do have to commend the upper echelon for their decision. I can only hope that more companies and individuals ‘bite the bullet’, return their outstretched hands to their own pockets and assume some personal responsibility.


February 24, 2009

I’ve been asked if there is anything positive happening in the political atmosphere that I could comment about. Frankly, I hadn’t been able to find anything until this morning when I have found something that actually brought a smile to my face. Today, Obummer will be holding a “fiscal responsibility summit”. The mere thought of Obummer and fiscal responsibility in the same sentence has to cause one to laugh. Laughter is positive, right?

This is the same person who hasn’t encouraged the DNC to pay the tab of $1.7 million for his election night party – four months ago. In a time when cities are being forced to cut back on emergency and essential services, shouldn’t the city of Chicago be reimbursed for the costs of those services almost 120 days ago? I mean yes it is Chicago, but this was a political event (maybe the political event) that was handled in the open, above board.

This is the man who, in just two months, and a couple pen strokes, has spent more of the taxpayer’s money bailing out friends and relatives than any president has ever done in two four-year terms. Fiscal responsibility summit? He signed the Pork Barrel Spending Bill without even reading it. He says that there are no earmarks in the bill, yet both Pelosi and Reid got their dream projects line itemed in the bill.

Gamblers and glitz seekers have been driving or flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for well over half a decade. Is it the best use of $9 billion to build a high-speed railway to get twenty or thirty of them there any faster? But the kickbacks from casino owners are very important to Reid. And can someone explain to me please, just how does protecting the habitat of the “salt marsh harvest mouse” stimulate the economy? Thirty million dollars may be chump change to the Princess and Congress, but it’s real money to most of the nation. Nancy’s home district wins that award.

This is the man who is going to raise income taxes and unemployment taxes on businesses. Yeah, higher taxes on businesses will stimulate the economy – of some other nation. How can American businesses be competitive, and why would they want to be, when any hope of a decent profit will be sucked out of them in the form of higher taxes?

A smile is a positive thing. Laughter will keep you healthy. I’m afraid that any laughter at this time would only be nervous laughter, and that’s not healthy. But, you’ve got to smile…Obummer is overseeing a fiscal responsibility summit.


February 20, 2009

And now, they’re talking very seriously about a Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT). This is a tax for each and every mile that you drive. It will be in addition to the gasoline tax that you now pay to your state and the federal government for every gallon of gasoline you buy. It will be in addition to the taxes on the oil that is put into your engine to lubricate it. It will be in addition to the taxes you pay when you change, or add to, your brake fluid. It will be in addition to any tax you pay on any petroleum product for any system in your car.

For those of you laughing because you don’t pay taxes on very much gasoline because you drive a hybrid or an electric car, this tax will be on top of the +/- 10% in taxes you pay on your electricity bill.

How will it be collected? Perhaps it will be reconciled once a year, like your income tax. Perhaps it will be monthly. A GPS unit installed in every vehicle (new and used) would record every mile and report it to the new bureaucracy that would then bill you. The GPS chip would also tell Big Brother where you’ve been, for how long and how frequently you go there. Feeling a little uneasy now?

Let’s face it kids, this is another tax on the taxes we already pay tax on; everything we earn, buy, and use and enjoy. Isn’t it about time “We the People”, for whom the government exists, take action and limit the power bestowed on the few elite? That’s the way the founding fathers meant it to be. The bigger the government grows, the more they’re going to require us to feed them until we have nothing and they have everything.

The free enterprise system that made this country great is being lost to nationalization. Soon the government will own and control all business and all property. They will tell your children and grand children what they can do, what they can’t do, how and where they will go about doing the government’s bidding. Their “freedom” will be in the fact that they’re not shackled. 1984 is tomorrow, maybe Sunday, but it’s not in the future anymore.

It’s not too late. But if we wait much longer it may be impossible to ‘unwind’ the twisted laws and ridiculous expenditures that are now being set upon us. As Obummer would say, “it’s a crisis”.

Please forward this to everyone you can. Perhaps there will be a captain emerge that can organize and lead us in taking back some power from the government. I’ll certainly work with or fall in behind a leader. Will you?


February 18, 2009

Are we just participants in an experiment?

This whole political administration seems to me to be nothing more than a social experiment. Let’s take a quick look at what we have:

  1. The American people were so enamored with his charisma, looks, ethnicity and oratory ability that they elected a President with no management, domestic policy, foreign policy, financial, human resources or military experience to lead a nation in times of global chaos and recession.
  2. A President who had never made an executive decision before taking office and foisting five Executive Orders upon us in his first three days.
  3. He is the same person who, while in the Illinois Senate, could make a “yes” or “no” decision and voted “present” over 130 times.
  4. He announced that there would be no room for lobbyists in his administration, yet he has appointed not less than six to cabinet level, deputy level or other high positions.
  5. He appointed, and Congress confirmed, a man to the position of Secretary of the Treasury under which the IRS falls who cannot even correctly report and pay his own income taxes. Tim Geithner, the new Tres. Sec., even and hired a CPA who couldn’t, or didn’t calculate them correctly.
  6. The man signed a bill obligating the American public for generations to come in the amount of $787 billion that not one of the legislators, or him, had read thoroughly or completely.
  7. He claims to this day that there are no “earmarks” in the bill. Yet, Harry Reid has been vying unsuccessfully for at least ten years to build a bullet train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There it is in the package, $8 billion.
  8. He has cut the military budget by 10% at a time when we are most vulnerable to terrorists and need to be ready and well supplied to defend America.
  9. He flew on 150 miles (no consideration for the environment or costs) on Air Force One to promote and defend this Pork Barrel Spending Bill. Congress admonished and ridiculed the auto execs for flying three times that far to D.C. to beg for dollars. And that was just before Nancy Pelosi climbed aboard “HER” Boeing 757 to head back to California.

In just short of a month this President and this Congress, courts around the nation and the Supreme Court have made a complete farce of our nation through lies, contradictions, and poor judgment. We don’t even know if Obummer is a natural born citizen because he has hired a team of lawyers to defend his right to keep that information private. The courts are so enamored with him that they continue to deny the citizens the right to know for sure if a foreigner is leading us straight to hell.


February 16, 2009

Protectionism – Actions taken by a government to prevent imports from destroying domestic producers. (from

President Obummer, in spite of the wording in the Pork Barrel Spending Bill to the contrary, has decided that the use of only American workers and the use of only American steel would be protectionist. Thus, illegal aliens will be eligible for work on the infrastructure projects while Americans remain on unemployment and welfare; China, France, Argentina and the like will be providing some of the materials, components and products necessary to complete the massive projects.

Why is the President not protecting the U.S. citizens and businesses? Is it because the European Union whined that it was unfair and threatened to impose sanctions on U.S. goods? Fine! How about we counter-threaten to reduce the imports from their countries. Being the world’s largest consumer of foreign made products and services, if we were to begin to equalize the trade deficit by buying more domestic goods and services, it would go a long way toward recovery.

If that isn’t enough, we could keep the billions of dollars in financial aid that we now give these countries annually here in the U.S. We could develop our own sources of energy and become less dependent on Arab nations that would rather see our demise.

Being independent is a good thing, it builds character. The government (any government, any administration) doesn’t want you to know that. Their power comes from your dependency. Government’s greatest fear is personal responsibility on the part of the citizens, and that’s why we have welfare. Unfortunately, the dependents often hold distain for the ‘elite’ because they don’t provide enough. The dependents always want more given to them for “free”.

Protectionist? You bet! If I’m too sick and weak to take care of myself, how do you expect me to help you? Let me, America, get well first. You do the same. If you still need my help when I’m back on my feet, we’ll see how that need can be met.

Is it such a bad thing to protect; to be independent? It’s a BIZARRO WORLD, the USA!