On Wednesday Nancy Pelosi said that it is imperative to pass the Pork Barrel Spending Bill (aka Economic Stimulus Bill) as soon as possible because 500 million workers were losing their jobs each month.  This is the very same mouth that called President G.W. Bush stupid and dumb for his misstatements or mispronunciations.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau www.census.gov the population of the United States yesterday was only 305,754,318.

I watched the videos of her making a fool of herself on a number of sites that I check daily.  The videos, however, did not show up on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS, the very stations that played and replayed every verbal mutilation that Bush ever uttered.  Perhaps that’s why they are now being referred to as the Obama Networks.

I’m also having a hard time finding any mention on the stations where the general public gets their news that Obummer caved to the European Union regarding the use of American steel and workers exclusively for the rebuilding of the U.S. infrastructure.  We are spending trillions of dollars to bail out the financial institutions and stimulate the American economy, and now apparently the economy of the world, to the detriment of the U.S.

Two weeks is just about enough of this madness.  Five insane executive orders, a stimulus package that will not stimulate anything other than cronyism, tax evaders and lobbyists in the cabinet, in spite of declarations and promises to the opposite.  The “Old Boy Network” that the President railed about as a candidate has become his extended family.

He has mandated the closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, bringing the terrorists to the continental U.S. and giving them all the legal rights of any incarcerated citizen.  He is also considering detention centers for citizens “in need”.  Those citizens just might be the dissenters to this administration.  Remember the teams of lawyers that sued every outspoken group or individual that spoke truthful but less than glowingly of the candidate during his campaign?  And remember the National Security Force that will be as large as our military?

He has proposed cutting the military budget by 10%, risking our security while giving people who have never earned a living due to laziness more of our tax dollars.  And, that’s within the U.S.  Africa will see a substantial increase in aid as well.

And don’t forget that Alcee Hastings has proposed new bill H.R. 645 which would create no fewer than 6 detention centers at a cost of $385 million.  Detention centers and an administration that punishes truthful political dissenters is cause for concern.  That plus reduced military, bringing terrorists into your neighborhood and placing tax evaders and thieves in high office has all been accomplished in under 3 weeks.

If we can begin the impeachment process now, perhaps we can get this tyrant out of office before any more damage can be done to the country.

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