Public education is now a contradiction of terms.

Recently, Al Gore told a group of students in D.C. not to listen to their parents, that they (the students) know more than the generation that bore and raised them. And in Illinois, the young kids are apparently learning more about the environment than the essentials of education. The sun, Al. Did you hear about the sun, solar flare and sunspots? How is it that your mantra about Global Warming has changed to Global Climate Change? Why for the past three years have you held conferences on the coldest days of those years? And, how could climate change be important when you flew to those conferences in an old, inefficient, carbon belching personal plane?

This, along with the political and homosexual brainwashing from teachers and you’ve got a government run left-wing indoctrination system. Whether you believe in it or not, you are paying for it with your hard earnings.

Even without this insanity your child or grandchild would only be getting a substandard education because, in most of the country, children who don’t even speak English slow the classroom progress. Many of them should not even be in this country.

“Is gay your way?” attempts to have kids as young as 10 and 11 years old not only acknowledge homosexuality, but to try it, giving them condoms and other birth control without parental permission.Of course there is the option for girls in the same age group who have been raped (statutorily) to have abortions without parental consent or even notification.

Yes, I believe that kids today do need to know about these things. They also need to know about Napoleon, Stalin, Caesar, Thoreau, Iraq, Oklahoma, the Crusades, the Bastille, economics, math, English and the rest of the core subjects to have a well-rounded education base. Learning how to put a condom on a cucumber should not take up the class time in public schools.

Right now it seems there is a dwelling, an almost religious approach to socialism, homosexuality, sex in general and erroneous information about how the planet is evolving.The base of the information is generally to make the kids feel poorly about themselves, how they view the world and how they interact.

Our public education system was once the envy of the world’s nations. Now it is a laughing stock. I’m just glad I had the opportunity to learn before these institutions became indoctrination centers spewing hatred and dissent for what we know as right and proper.



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