$300 million taxpayer dollars of the Pork Barrel Spending Bill have been or are being designated for NEVs, (neighborhood electric vehicles, aka “green golf carts”). Why am I buying these? It’s so Congress and other government employees can transport their lard loaded butts around Washington D.C.

Isn’t this the very same Congress, the generally overweight individuals, that wants to put an additional tax on fast food, snacks, soft drinks or anything else that helps the American public become obese? Why can’t they walk a block? Of course, not all of the carts will stay in D.C. To justify the expenditure, they will also be purchasing some for other government entities, such as the Dept. of Interior for eco-friendly transport for the Rangers in the National Parks. (Try removing a fallen tree that’s blocking a roadway with one of these!)

We’re being told that $300 million of our money is being spent on these oversized, canopied, electric skateboards, right? We will apparently be paying about $8,000 per NEV. Get out your calculators and follow along. $300,000,000 / $8,000 = 37,500 NEVs. Those figures do not include maintenance or electricity costs, just the purchase price.

Let’s say that 5,000 of them remain in D.C. That means an average of 650 per state will become available. Of course, Rhode Island will not need as many as say California or New York so the distribution will not follow an ‘average’, but you get the picture.

Sure, this spending will stimulate the companies making them (probably over-spending knowing the gubmint. After all, that’s the way Congressmen and Senators get their kickbacks). GM’s plants and the economy of Mexico will at least be stimulated. That’s where they will probably be made.

Global warming, brownouts, no new electricity generating plants. You cut down on the use of your air conditioner in August when it’s 110-114 so these golf carts can be recharged to get your congressman, senator, assemblyman, councilman, judge, commissioner or whomever to and from the office in an eco-friendly vehicle.

Where’s the NEV for Joe Sixpack? Hey, he’s got to get to and from work to earn the money to pay for them, shouldn’t he get one? Pay attention folks, BOHICA!

*BOHICA – Bend over, here it comes again.


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