Protectionism – Actions taken by a government to prevent imports from destroying domestic producers. (from

President Obummer, in spite of the wording in the Pork Barrel Spending Bill to the contrary, has decided that the use of only American workers and the use of only American steel would be protectionist. Thus, illegal aliens will be eligible for work on the infrastructure projects while Americans remain on unemployment and welfare; China, France, Argentina and the like will be providing some of the materials, components and products necessary to complete the massive projects.

Why is the President not protecting the U.S. citizens and businesses? Is it because the European Union whined that it was unfair and threatened to impose sanctions on U.S. goods? Fine! How about we counter-threaten to reduce the imports from their countries. Being the world’s largest consumer of foreign made products and services, if we were to begin to equalize the trade deficit by buying more domestic goods and services, it would go a long way toward recovery.

If that isn’t enough, we could keep the billions of dollars in financial aid that we now give these countries annually here in the U.S. We could develop our own sources of energy and become less dependent on Arab nations that would rather see our demise.

Being independent is a good thing, it builds character. The government (any government, any administration) doesn’t want you to know that. Their power comes from your dependency. Government’s greatest fear is personal responsibility on the part of the citizens, and that’s why we have welfare. Unfortunately, the dependents often hold distain for the ‘elite’ because they don’t provide enough. The dependents always want more given to them for “free”.

Protectionist? You bet! If I’m too sick and weak to take care of myself, how do you expect me to help you? Let me, America, get well first. You do the same. If you still need my help when I’m back on my feet, we’ll see how that need can be met.

Is it such a bad thing to protect; to be independent? It’s a BIZARRO WORLD, the USA!


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