Are we just participants in an experiment?

This whole political administration seems to me to be nothing more than a social experiment. Let’s take a quick look at what we have:

  1. The American people were so enamored with his charisma, looks, ethnicity and oratory ability that they elected a President with no management, domestic policy, foreign policy, financial, human resources or military experience to lead a nation in times of global chaos and recession.
  2. A President who had never made an executive decision before taking office and foisting five Executive Orders upon us in his first three days.
  3. He is the same person who, while in the Illinois Senate, could make a “yes” or “no” decision and voted “present” over 130 times.
  4. He announced that there would be no room for lobbyists in his administration, yet he has appointed not less than six to cabinet level, deputy level or other high positions.
  5. He appointed, and Congress confirmed, a man to the position of Secretary of the Treasury under which the IRS falls who cannot even correctly report and pay his own income taxes. Tim Geithner, the new Tres. Sec., even and hired a CPA who couldn’t, or didn’t calculate them correctly.
  6. The man signed a bill obligating the American public for generations to come in the amount of $787 billion that not one of the legislators, or him, had read thoroughly or completely.
  7. He claims to this day that there are no “earmarks” in the bill. Yet, Harry Reid has been vying unsuccessfully for at least ten years to build a bullet train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There it is in the package, $8 billion.
  8. He has cut the military budget by 10% at a time when we are most vulnerable to terrorists and need to be ready and well supplied to defend America.
  9. He flew on 150 miles (no consideration for the environment or costs) on Air Force One to promote and defend this Pork Barrel Spending Bill. Congress admonished and ridiculed the auto execs for flying three times that far to D.C. to beg for dollars. And that was just before Nancy Pelosi climbed aboard “HER” Boeing 757 to head back to California.

In just short of a month this President and this Congress, courts around the nation and the Supreme Court have made a complete farce of our nation through lies, contradictions, and poor judgment. We don’t even know if Obummer is a natural born citizen because he has hired a team of lawyers to defend his right to keep that information private. The courts are so enamored with him that they continue to deny the citizens the right to know for sure if a foreigner is leading us straight to hell.


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