And now, they’re talking very seriously about a Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT). This is a tax for each and every mile that you drive. It will be in addition to the gasoline tax that you now pay to your state and the federal government for every gallon of gasoline you buy. It will be in addition to the taxes on the oil that is put into your engine to lubricate it. It will be in addition to the taxes you pay when you change, or add to, your brake fluid. It will be in addition to any tax you pay on any petroleum product for any system in your car.

For those of you laughing because you don’t pay taxes on very much gasoline because you drive a hybrid or an electric car, this tax will be on top of the +/- 10% in taxes you pay on your electricity bill.

How will it be collected? Perhaps it will be reconciled once a year, like your income tax. Perhaps it will be monthly. A GPS unit installed in every vehicle (new and used) would record every mile and report it to the new bureaucracy that would then bill you. The GPS chip would also tell Big Brother where you’ve been, for how long and how frequently you go there. Feeling a little uneasy now?

Let’s face it kids, this is another tax on the taxes we already pay tax on; everything we earn, buy, and use and enjoy. Isn’t it about time “We the People”, for whom the government exists, take action and limit the power bestowed on the few elite? That’s the way the founding fathers meant it to be. The bigger the government grows, the more they’re going to require us to feed them until we have nothing and they have everything.

The free enterprise system that made this country great is being lost to nationalization. Soon the government will own and control all business and all property. They will tell your children and grand children what they can do, what they can’t do, how and where they will go about doing the government’s bidding. Their “freedom” will be in the fact that they’re not shackled. 1984 is tomorrow, maybe Sunday, but it’s not in the future anymore.

It’s not too late. But if we wait much longer it may be impossible to ‘unwind’ the twisted laws and ridiculous expenditures that are now being set upon us. As Obummer would say, “it’s a crisis”.

Please forward this to everyone you can. Perhaps there will be a captain emerge that can organize and lead us in taking back some power from the government. I’ll certainly work with or fall in behind a leader. Will you?



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