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March 30, 2009

Barack Obama should change his name. I think an apt moniker might be Ronald Reverso or perhaps Barack Bizarro because this man is doing his best to reverse everything “We the People” consider the norm or proper. Without consideration for us, the blatant and inane moves he has made in just over two months are continuing to drive this country deeper into suppression. It’s as if the grand ole USA is striving for third world recognition.

Obama has now nominated not less than 42 people for cabinet and top offices that either did not pay their due taxes (income or employee payroll) or employed illegal aliens, or are directly or indirectly connected to drugs or other crimes. He doesn’t care!!! Some are collecting your tax dollars right now. There are still many beyond this number who refused to be even begin the vetting process for high-ranking positions knowing that even the most cursory look into their lives or backgrounds would upturn crimes, scandals or skeletons.

He said that there would be no place in his administration for lobbyists, yet he has nominated no less than 17 known and obvious lobbyists, many of whom are currently serving at the pleasure of President Reverso.

While you and I have to present proper, government issued identification to do business with any government agency, Obama has refused to identify himself as a natural born citizen of the United States of America as prescribed by the Constitution.

And, just to make things a bit more bizarro, he is now actively recruiting Muslims for White House positions. This is a blatant and flagrant, finger flying salute to the American citizenry. This is a self-generated affirmative action program by someone believed by many to be a Muslim in Christian clothing.  Many people, including myself, believe he only changed his religious affiliation when he decided to begin the journey of politics. But has held many close ties with radical Muslim groups. Slow, steady and incrementally, that’s the way of Islam. Now that he has the power, there is no need for caution.

And, as an aside, Dr. Bob Basso (aka Thomas Paine) has been ‘summoned’ to the White House to review the dissenting content of his two “We the People” videos. At least at the time of this writing they can be viewed on YouTube at or at his website  I’m certain that Dr. Basso and YouTube will be “asked” by this administration to take them down soon.

It ain’t funny no more, kids. This train has to be derailed – NOW! It is poisoning the atmosphere of every American state through which tracks run. And it will be coming to a town near you soon.


March 23, 2009

“Are you punch-drunk?” Even 60 Minutes’ kid gloves interviewer Steve Kroft had to ask the question because Obama is so giddy about spending trillions and trillions of dollars and defending his Tax-Cheat in Charge.

And, the government wants us to focus on a couple million-dollar bonuses given out by AIG. They want us to focus on the bonuses, not the fact that Congress authorized them in the first place. “Focus on the bonuses”, not the fact that Chris Dodd wrote the clause allowing them into the $787 billion Economic Stimulus Package that nobody read before signing.

Look! Over there! Ha, got your brownie, dolt.

He continues to spend and talk about how spending more than what we, and multiple future generations can produce. He says it’s all about recovery and putting people back to work.

His recovery plan has not slowed the job losses and probably won’t for another year at least. It has not slowed the home foreclosures. It has not increased sales of American automobiles. It has not regained the confidence of investors or sent the DOW through the roof.

I understand that it’s only been sixty days since the most recent round of madness began. I understand that recovery takes time. I also understand that when you have no money and very little income, you cannot spend like there’s no limit on the credit card. Pretty soon the credit is gone and you’re going to have to pay more than the minimum payment.

Heads of State around the world, in complete wonderment, are saying things like, “We waited eight years for the last buffoon to leave the White House. Then the American people elected this lunatic.”

The radical Muslim world is saying “Good Job, Good Job”. They know we are more vulnerable than ever and will soon be ripe for the picking.  Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, Cuba and Argentina no longer have any respect for the U.S., financially or militarily, and are making (not so) covert moves that show it.

If you’ve still got that ‘E’ ticket, you might want to contact the White House or Congress to see if you can exchange it for a bailout and not take the ride. Or, you can just continue to watch American Idol and vote for your candidate of choice. Or, since you’re already inside the park, you might want to alert everybody you see that there’s major threat at the East end of the park that must be overcome. I still think we can regain our country if we start soon.


March 19, 2009

Here is the 60-day report on this administration, from my eyes.

The moves are fast. The mistakes are plenty. The moves become faster to cover the mistakes. The mistakes become greater with the increased speed of the moves. Watch the assistant while the magician moves clumsily. The sleight of hand is so poorly choreographed that you can see how the trick is done. But you continue watching because you paid for the ticket and will not admit the  show is a flop.

It’s almost like lunch time at grade school.  Remember the kid who would sit next to you and say, “Hey, look over there.” After you looked and looked back at the table, you noticed that your brownie was gone. But when he said it excitedly a second time, you’d snap your head to and fro catching him taking your potato chips. After that you wouldn’t let him sit next to you at lunch because you didn’t trust him.

In sixty-days this administration has shown an almost concerted ineptness. This circus isn’t a government anymore. Tax cheats, lobbyists, Hillary, signing statements. Obama has issued almost twenty (by the time this rant is completed it could be twenty-five) Executive Orders. Executive Orders are issued to expedite events without the consideration of Congress or the American people. They are now being used to expressly accommodate the immediate desires and demands of an individual; the President. No other president in history has used this tool as often or so heavy-handedly.

Money, tens of billions hundreds of billions trillions of dollars, have been thrown over shoulders and into the air for the closest hands to grab. Then, when Congress, Obama or Geithner peeks to see who caught it, they become embarrassed and try to rake it back in.

GM. Give them money. Give them more money so they’ll have some reserve to spend on the bankruptcy lawyers and court costs. AIG. Give them lots of money. Give them some more money. Make up some after-the-fact rules to take away back the brownie!

Well kids, it’s lunch time for the old USA! Not only do we have a dodge ball captain that may not even belong at this school, we have his hoodlum supporters in Congress and his Cabinet moving at a frenzied pace trying to cover yesterday’s mistakes. And it’s still W’s fault!  There has been no personal responsibility taken yet.

For every three moves made by this clown troop, there has been at least one incident that either has been blamed on Bush or has had to be explained by Gibbs with a soft shoe routine that would make Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly jealous. The press just looks the other way and tells us that there was no brownie.

When will enough people pay attention to their dessert and rid the lunch court of the kid who collects sweets used to bribe the tough guys into defending him?


March 16, 2009

At the same time Congress and Obummer are proposing early indoctrination of the nation’s children with Pre-K, states around the country are giving teachers Pink Slips. I personally find this Bizarro.

When it comes to revenue shortfall, government (at all levels) seemingly looks at the essential services to start cutting back. Why teachers? Why not the multi-level administration and oversight bureaucracy that sucks up the dollars before they reach the classroom? Why do the teachers; the dedicated individuals who pay $500-$2,000 each year of their own spending money for classroom essentials, get the first cuts?

How do the idiots in Congress propose to continue paying on the new budget that includes funding for government-mandated early public brainwashing for children between the ages of three and five? And why do they even believe it’s necessary or a good thing for the children? It has been proven that the advantage (where there is one shown) is virtually erased by the fourth grade.

This is not the first time they have proposed the cutting of the trench fighters when many of the Generals and Colonels could be sent home for R and R. They always go for the essential and emergency services first. Firemen, paramedics, police are generally amongst the services found to be least needed when funds run short.

Money for road, sewer and water piping repairs and replacement is often diverted to pay for the retirement funds of council members, assemblymen, magistrates, etc., during good times. And it is crucial to them to continue the practice today. The only way to pay for the potholes is to cut back on the crews and raise taxes. Follow that logic, if you can.

This is why they say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Many people think this saying refers to industry and investment tycoons. I believe, in this instance, it means the people not necessarily at the top of the food chain, but the ones in charge of distributing the food garner more wealth. Government grows during good times to oversee the growth of government. And, government grows during the bad times to oversee and correct the mess it has made by growing the government. The problem is that the head of the snake gets bigger; eating more and feeding the belly while the tail shrivels.

I say that if cities, counties and states want to save billions and billions of dollars in education, they can quit feeding, educating and presenting special classes for kids whose parents cannot show proper I.D. and are not paying taxes. Just treat them like American kids and teach them in English!


March 14, 2009

Just when you think you’ve heard it all. Democrats so want a level playing field that they will even try to eliminate toys.

Democrat, Jeff Eldridge, has introduced a bill in West Virginia to ban the sale of Barbie dolls and her visually appealing friends. According to Eldridge, the image the dolls present is that if you’re beautiful, you don’t have to be smart.

I’ve been around since Barbie was introduced fifty years ago. At no time do I recall Mattel pronouncing that Barbie, Stacie, Ken, Alexa, Todd or any of the rest of the make believe clan were of less than average intellect.

Could this be a liberal stereotype; if you’re good looking, you’re inherently stupid? Conversely, if your face or body is distorted, MENSA will accept you without question. If that’s the case, perhaps it explains why “pretty boy” John Edwards can’t get beyond the first round of national Democrat politics? Or would that make him a more viable candidate?

Liberals fight so hard to protect the first amendment and allow violence and despicable acts in video games and movies that in some cases incite violence on the streets. When it comes to something that makes people happy, though, it’s quite different. Ban it! Get it out of my sight! Take the pleasure away from pre-teens. Make them angry and then they’ll vote for equality and us.

When I first heard the phrase ‘liberalism is a mental disorder’ I thought; gee that’s harsh! But as I think back over the years, and pay more and more attention to the present happenings, I realize that Michael Savage just may be right. Yet our Constitution does not preclude those citizens of limited intellectual capacity or other mental aberrations from voting, and here we are. And they continue to be elected.

Hmmm, Hollywood liberals – Rodeo Drive doctors, maybe Jeff Eldridge is right! If you want to be smart, forget that plastic surgery.