If it weren’t so darn serious, this administration would make you laugh until you cry almost daily. Laughter is good. Don’t get me wrong. However, nervous, fearful laughter brought on by the defrauding ways this administration is destroying the country and each of us individually is not.

Yesterday, Obummer signed a memo that is supposed to cut the wasteful government spending. Let’s do a quick analysis of that self-contradictory prevarication. Congress and Obummer have collectively spent or obligated more taxpayer money that they didn’t have in less than two months than any other past administration has done in four years. The +/- $4 trillion (with interest, of your money) is rife with waste and give-away that is meant for no reason other than to line the personal pockets and get Representatives and Senators re-elected. And only now does the President profess to want to exercise some spending vigilance.

To help pay for the maniacal spending bills, Obummer has asked his tax evading SecTreas to write new tax laws that will raise the percentage owed by people earning over $250k per year. (Geithner: “I’m confident this is the right path for the country.”– He just doesn’t believe in paying his own income tax.) In response, those people making between $250k and about $300k are seeking ways to make less money, thus duck under the threshold. It’s getting more and more BIZARRO when people want to make less money so that they can have more money!

Not only will that help slow this runaway economy, but soon they will be eliminating the home mortgage deduction. Now there’s an incentive for first time homebuyers!

Middle class homeowners won’t have their taxes raised; they’ll only be allowed to pay more taxes. More foreclosures? More bailouts? More financial nationalization? Not only will homeowners be allowed to pay more taxes, everybody will.  As I indicated on Jan. 12; before the coronation of this King, you can e xpect to pay more at the pump as the federal taxes are raised, at the store, on your investments (if you make any money), on payday and every time you receive or spend any money.

In short, every person in America will have less spending power and our standard of living will drop accordingly all because this administration (judicial and legislative as well as the executive branch of our government) wants complete economic control of the people. It seems the only people who won’t be directly affected by the new policies will be the elite. They’ll be spending the money we no longer can.

Aren’t you glad you voted Socialist Democrat? Don’t you wish everybody did?


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