Make sure your seat belt is fastened tightly and keep your hands inside the car. Hold onto the handrail at all times. I said in a rant some time ago that the next four years is going to be an ‘E’ ticket ride. (For those of you born after 1980, Disneyland used to offer different ticket books for rides in the park. The ‘E’ tickets were for the best rides. In most cases they were for fastest, most exciting and scariest rides.) Well, Obummer has just added a few head jerking curves to the track.

Returning to an educational center near you will soon be an affirmative action program not unlike that of the 70s.

Remember how that worked out for schools? Higher education centers (read: colleges and universities) were forced to accept a certain number of poor and under-educated minorities in the name of diversity and equality. In order to meet the diversity goals many bright and financially qualified students were turned away to make room for students of other skin colors, ethnic and economic backgrounds who received government grants to satisfy tuition.

The first recognizable result of this decree was that admission standards had to be lowered to accommodate the influx of unqualified education seekers. Soon thereafter it was mandated that the proficiency standards had to be reduced so that the new crop of undergraduates would be able to pass classes and receive diplomas with workforce acceptable grade point averages. In short, the formal education process was prostituted in the name of diversity and equality.

This time around it’s about health care and how it’s going to be accomplished. In order for Obummer’s Nationalized Health care strategy to work it will require many more doctors and nurses than are currently available.

It seems that many nursing schools have been turning away a lot (I mean a LOT) of potential students in recent years. Tens of thousands of people have been turned away from schools over the past couple of years alone. There is definitely a lack of skilled nurses available to care for the ill and needy.

Why are the schools denying potential future nurses an education in the healthcare field? Many of those who are turned away are not rejected because they lack the compassion, caring or nurturing ability that is such a tremendous part of the honorable vocation. It’s not that they cannot afford the tuition. They are declined primarily because they lack the fundamental education required to meet the entrance qualifications of upper level knowledge development.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going here. Your future health care is going to be dependent on schools churning out numbers, not quality. Well-intentioned and nurturing individuals who just didn’t quite measure up to the standards of yesteryear will provide the attention you receive.

Happy aging! I’ll see you in the nursing home. Just look for the feisty one, it’ll be me.


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