Last week, when asked if he was a Socialist, Obummer voted “Present” once again with his response. “You know, let’s take a look at the budget – the answer would be no.” Understand, this is the same budget that redistributes wealth by taxing from the working people and giving government healthcare and more non-work incentives to those who choose not to work. The budget answers the question with a “yes”.

Later, after conferring with his cabinet, he called the New York Times reporter who asked the question to state that he wasn’t a Socialist and that President Bush was the one who started increasing the size of government.

I can just hear the conversation with his cabinet:

Obummer – “Am I a Socialist?”

Biden – “Duh, I dunno. I didn’t call you a Socialist, did I? I don’t remember.”

Holder – “Yes, you’re a Socialist? But don’t admit it outside of this room. Only Hollywood and about five people other than us want a Socialist country, so deny, deny, deny!”

Emanuel (whispering) – “Yes you’re a Socialist.”

Clinton – “If anybody’s a Socialist, I am. Wait, you’re on my left so yes you’re most definitely a Socialist.”

Obummer – “It sounds like I am by definition, so I guess I’ll have some lawyer friends at-the-ready to bring suit against any citizen who mentions it again. I’d better call that reporter and give him a definitive answer, denying it. Want to listen in, guys?”

You see, Obummer cannot answer a question without first consulting his ever-present teleprompter or deferring an answer until he has called a meeting to crosscheck an answer. He can issue mandates, though.


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