Political Correctness is getting to the point where you can’t even speak without making some kind of a mistake that could be carried with you for a long time.

There are a number of articles over the span of any week involving “undocumented workers”. I recently read an article about an illegal alien who had been jailed on suspicion of molesting a five year old. The man, who had been deported three times for other crimes, had this time ruined the life of a very young child. This act could perhaps cause psychological and relationship problems well into adulthood. This one act could be the lifeblood of a, or some, therapists and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

That was not the focus of the story, however. No, the story was about how using the terms “undocumented” or “illegal” might taint the jury pool and the courts. This bias would then carry over to an unjust punishment for the current crime. This man was to be referred to as an immigrant laborer.

HEY! This man had committed other crimes and had been deported three times already. He had had his day in court more often than some retiring lawyers. He was a career criminal. He was an illegal alien!

Many police forces discourage their officers from asking about immigration status or residency for anyone other than round-eyed white guys. The question apparently presupposes that the person being questioned may have broken a (being in the country illegally), or some, law(s) prior to the driving a stolen car with no identification or insurance while drunk, for which the officer stopped him/her.

To my limited intellect this is like not asking for a description of the get away car in a Seven-Eleven holdup. If it were a green Chevy, why would the officer not want to know that it was green, or a Chevy? They are both descriptive terms and offer valuable information. Does it mean that criminals all drive green cars? Does it put an undue stigma on all General Motors products? No, it identifies this particular vehicle and provides valuable information to the authorities that they can use to apprehend a criminal.

If a thrice-deported criminal is not so identified he/she might be released with a low bail or no bail at all with a Notice to Appear. Illegal aliens show no regard for our laws simply by being here without authorization. When they commit the second offense (the one for which they’re caught), it should be known.

Political Correctness may be one reason the world is in the current mess.

Call me bias; call me bigoted. I don’t care because I know I’m not! Right is right, wrong is wrong and flowering or evading the truth is Honesty Incorrect.


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