Just when you think you’ve heard it all. Democrats so want a level playing field that they will even try to eliminate toys.

Democrat, Jeff Eldridge, has introduced a bill in West Virginia to ban the sale of Barbie dolls and her visually appealing friends. According to Eldridge, the image the dolls present is that if you’re beautiful, you don’t have to be smart.

I’ve been around since Barbie was introduced fifty years ago. At no time do I recall Mattel pronouncing that Barbie, Stacie, Ken, Alexa, Todd or any of the rest of the make believe clan were of less than average intellect.

Could this be a liberal stereotype; if you’re good looking, you’re inherently stupid? Conversely, if your face or body is distorted, MENSA will accept you without question. If that’s the case, perhaps it explains why “pretty boy” John Edwards can’t get beyond the first round of national Democrat politics? Or would that make him a more viable candidate?

Liberals fight so hard to protect the first amendment and allow violence and despicable acts in video games and movies that in some cases incite violence on the streets. When it comes to something that makes people happy, though, it’s quite different. Ban it! Get it out of my sight! Take the pleasure away from pre-teens. Make them angry and then they’ll vote for equality and us.

When I first heard the phrase ‘liberalism is a mental disorder’ I thought; gee that’s harsh! But as I think back over the years, and pay more and more attention to the present happenings, I realize that Michael Savage just may be right. Yet our Constitution does not preclude those citizens of limited intellectual capacity or other mental aberrations from voting, and here we are. And they continue to be elected.

Hmmm, Hollywood liberals – Rodeo Drive doctors, maybe Jeff Eldridge is right! If you want to be smart, forget that plastic surgery.


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