Here is the 60-day report on this administration, from my eyes.

The moves are fast. The mistakes are plenty. The moves become faster to cover the mistakes. The mistakes become greater with the increased speed of the moves. Watch the assistant while the magician moves clumsily. The sleight of hand is so poorly choreographed that you can see how the trick is done. But you continue watching because you paid for the ticket and will not admit the  show is a flop.

It’s almost like lunch time at grade school.  Remember the kid who would sit next to you and say, “Hey, look over there.” After you looked and looked back at the table, you noticed that your brownie was gone. But when he said it excitedly a second time, you’d snap your head to and fro catching him taking your potato chips. After that you wouldn’t let him sit next to you at lunch because you didn’t trust him.

In sixty-days this administration has shown an almost concerted ineptness. This circus isn’t a government anymore. Tax cheats, lobbyists, Hillary, signing statements. Obama has issued almost twenty (by the time this rant is completed it could be twenty-five) Executive Orders. Executive Orders are issued to expedite events without the consideration of Congress or the American people. They are now being used to expressly accommodate the immediate desires and demands of an individual; the President. No other president in history has used this tool as often or so heavy-handedly.

Money, tens of billions hundreds of billions trillions of dollars, have been thrown over shoulders and into the air for the closest hands to grab. Then, when Congress, Obama or Geithner peeks to see who caught it, they become embarrassed and try to rake it back in.

GM. Give them money. Give them more money so they’ll have some reserve to spend on the bankruptcy lawyers and court costs. AIG. Give them lots of money. Give them some more money. Make up some after-the-fact rules to take away back the brownie!

Well kids, it’s lunch time for the old USA! Not only do we have a dodge ball captain that may not even belong at this school, we have his hoodlum supporters in Congress and his Cabinet moving at a frenzied pace trying to cover yesterday’s mistakes. And it’s still W’s fault!  There has been no personal responsibility taken yet.

For every three moves made by this clown troop, there has been at least one incident that either has been blamed on Bush or has had to be explained by Gibbs with a soft shoe routine that would make Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly jealous. The press just looks the other way and tells us that there was no brownie.

When will enough people pay attention to their dessert and rid the lunch court of the kid who collects sweets used to bribe the tough guys into defending him?



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    […] At 60 days into his first term of office, I expressed my opinion of what I thought was coming.  I think I did a pretty good job.  I doubt that Nostradamus could have predicted all of it. […]


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