“Are you punch-drunk?” Even 60 Minutes’ kid gloves interviewer Steve Kroft had to ask the question because Obama is so giddy about spending trillions and trillions of dollars and defending his Tax-Cheat in Charge.

And, the government wants us to focus on a couple million-dollar bonuses given out by AIG. They want us to focus on the bonuses, not the fact that Congress authorized them in the first place. “Focus on the bonuses”, not the fact that Chris Dodd wrote the clause allowing them into the $787 billion Economic Stimulus Package that nobody read before signing.

Look! Over there! Ha, got your brownie, dolt.

He continues to spend and talk about how spending more than what we, and multiple future generations can produce. He says it’s all about recovery and putting people back to work.

His recovery plan has not slowed the job losses and probably won’t for another year at least. It has not slowed the home foreclosures. It has not increased sales of American automobiles. It has not regained the confidence of investors or sent the DOW through the roof.

I understand that it’s only been sixty days since the most recent round of madness began. I understand that recovery takes time. I also understand that when you have no money and very little income, you cannot spend like there’s no limit on the credit card. Pretty soon the credit is gone and you’re going to have to pay more than the minimum payment.

Heads of State around the world, in complete wonderment, are saying things like, “We waited eight years for the last buffoon to leave the White House. Then the American people elected this lunatic.”

The radical Muslim world is saying “Good Job, Good Job”. They know we are more vulnerable than ever and will soon be ripe for the picking.  Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, Cuba and Argentina no longer have any respect for the U.S., financially or militarily, and are making (not so) covert moves that show it.

If you’ve still got that ‘E’ ticket, you might want to contact the White House or Congress to see if you can exchange it for a bailout and not take the ride. Or, you can just continue to watch American Idol and vote for your candidate of choice. Or, since you’re already inside the park, you might want to alert everybody you see that there’s major threat at the East end of the park that must be overcome. I still think we can regain our country if we start soon.



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