Barack Obama should change his name. I think an apt moniker might be Ronald Reverso or perhaps Barack Bizarro because this man is doing his best to reverse everything “We the People” consider the norm or proper. Without consideration for us, the blatant and inane moves he has made in just over two months are continuing to drive this country deeper into suppression. It’s as if the grand ole USA is striving for third world recognition.

Obama has now nominated not less than 42 people for cabinet and top offices that either did not pay their due taxes (income or employee payroll) or employed illegal aliens, or are directly or indirectly connected to drugs or other crimes. He doesn’t care!!! Some are collecting your tax dollars right now. There are still many beyond this number who refused to be even begin the vetting process for high-ranking positions knowing that even the most cursory look into their lives or backgrounds would upturn crimes, scandals or skeletons.

He said that there would be no place in his administration for lobbyists, yet he has nominated no less than 17 known and obvious lobbyists, many of whom are currently serving at the pleasure of President Reverso.

While you and I have to present proper, government issued identification to do business with any government agency, Obama has refused to identify himself as a natural born citizen of the United States of America as prescribed by the Constitution.

And, just to make things a bit more bizarro, he is now actively recruiting Muslims for White House positions. This is a blatant and flagrant, finger flying salute to the American citizenry. This is a self-generated affirmative action program by someone believed by many to be a Muslim in Christian clothing.  Many people, including myself, believe he only changed his religious affiliation when he decided to begin the journey of politics. But has held many close ties with radical Muslim groups. Slow, steady and incrementally, that’s the way of Islam. Now that he has the power, there is no need for caution.

And, as an aside, Dr. Bob Basso (aka Thomas Paine) has been ‘summoned’ to the White House to review the dissenting content of his two “We the People” videos. At least at the time of this writing they can be viewed on YouTube at or at his website  I’m certain that Dr. Basso and YouTube will be “asked” by this administration to take them down soon.

It ain’t funny no more, kids. This train has to be derailed – NOW! It is poisoning the atmosphere of every American state through which tracks run. And it will be coming to a town near you soon.


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