The State of California has raised the state sales tax by a full 1%. The Governator isn’t even calling it a Stimulus Package like the Feds. No, he did it to offset the uncontrolled state spending. The government grows and flourishes, the people wilt.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend more than you make and then go to your boss and tell him/her, “I am going to get a raise to cover off my foolish spending habits?” That’s exactly what has happened in California and has, or will happen in many other states soon. That’s exactly what the clowns running the circus from the East coast are doing.

As of yesterday, your stimulus, unlike the major corporations that made bad working decisions, will amount to $10 per week. It started out at $13 per week, but the experts are now saying $10. Whichever, it won’t cover off the tax increases that have recently been imposed, or are proposed for the near future, on gasoline and all petroleum based products including any plastic goods, electricity, food, wood products, publications, automobile registration, movies, labor and virtually everything you buy, do, see or touch. And, that’s in addition to the sales tax you pay on the taxes you pay and the taxes you pay on the taxes you pay.

Taxes don’t stimulate the economy; they stifle it!

Somewhere between 65% and 75% of your income (the money you earn by working hard) goes to feed the governing bodies and the elite running them. *Welfare recipients only pay about 45% of our income in taxes.

Take a moment or two to let every representative from city to state to federal know that you’re a dissatisfied citizen by sending each one a tea bag today. It doesn’t have to be gourmet tea, in fact I suggest you send the least expensive you can find. You don’t even have to send a letter; they’ll get the picture.

We are being taxed on taxes on taxes. And that’s after being taxed on the income we earn. Isn’t it time “We the People” made it known that we’re not going to go away just to make more room for the illegal aliens?


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