Did American Socialism start with Obummer? I think not. Just exactly when it began is hard to say because it has been creeping up gradually for decades.

Some have said that the America’s early socialism began at the end of the Civil War when returning soldiers received a pension for their service and disabilities. Others say that it began with Roosevelt’s signing of the Social Security Act in 1935. Both arguments can easily be disputed with the fact that soldiers and workers gave something in return for the pittance offered by the government.

Did it begin with the Civil Rights movement? Again, I have to say that I believe this act of equality was not one of socialism, but of recognition and acceptance among American society that “all men are created equal”.

In my estimation, it began with the Kennedy administration in 1961 and affirmative action. Executive Order 10925 created the ‘Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity’ that mandated that where federal funds were used, racial bias could not be used in hiring. This well intended and noble act was supposed to give all people equal access to employment and federal funds.

As with any and every government program, however, it soon became distorted through the parsing of terms and meanings. It rapidly degenerated into forcing employers to hire less-than-qualified people into positions simply because of their skin color, ethnic background sex or religion. It caused institutions of higher education to modify curriculum, testing and grading methods to accommodate a lower standard for graduation. It became reverse discrimination and set the United States up for the financial and socioeconomic instability we are currently experiencing.

The next logical step (in the minds of the socialists) was to tax the workers and producers of the nation, wash that money through the bureaucracy and give some of what was left to people who had little or none.  The cash disbursement was accompanied by a plethora of services for which they could not pay. This distortion of the New Deal, again in the 1960s, became known as welfare benefits for the poor and it created a culture of dependency. In some cases that culture has now survived four and five generations with the expectancy and dependency only growing greater.

In 1999, Congress ‘suggested’ that credit standards be lowered so that people of lower income, bad or sketchy credit would be able to access goods and make payments for those goods a little at a time. In 2004, Congress recognized that housing prices were going up and that people of little means could not afford the American Dream. They, again, caused lenders (this time mortgage lenders) to lower their criteria and allow more people to access more money.

And, here we are today! Businesses are collapsing because we can’t pay for their goods or services. Taxes are rising to pay for houses no one can afford and a government that is growing by leaps and bounds to provide ‘free goodies’ that we now need to survive.


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