Just when I thought I’d probably seen this country at it’s lowest point, I find myself wrong again.  Our politicos have outdone themselves individually and collectively this past month.  It’s getting to the point where something has to be done soon or we’re going to lose more than just the little respect we still retain.  A clean sweep of Congress with the next election cycle in 2010 will probably be the only wake up call for the fools we now have representing us.

Hillary apologized to Felipe Calderon for the U.S. having the primary role in Mexico’s violence. We will send them more money to control the violence caused by the U.S. And, as a special added bonus, if they act now and accept our money…. we’ll give amnesty to their citizens who have broken our immigration laws.

Obama bows to Saudi King Abdullah on his “2009 America Apologizes to the World Tour”.  Oh yes, the White House denies that it was a bow saying that Obama is simply taller than the King. I’ve seen the video.  If it wasn’t an acquiescent curtsy, then Obama was picking up a halala (Saudi coin) off the carpet before taking the King’s hand.

A U.S. Congressional delegation led by Barbara Lee went ga-ga over meeting Fidel and Raul Castro.  Reports say they were impressed with the Castros’ charisma and humanitarian efforts.  (These are dictators who kill political activists and dissenters).  They want to normalize relations between the U.S. and Cuba as soon as possible.

Joe Biden said that Obama would be tested early in his Presidency. He was right! (Mark your calendar, if you’d like. Today is the day Bob said Joe Biden was right). Foreign heads of state are testing Obama daily. Much of it is a toe in the water, but Kim Jong Il didn’t hesitate. Not in the least! Obama announced that there would be a major cutback in missile defense spending, and South Korea launched an IBM over Japan. Roughly translated from Korean – Nya, nya, nya-nya-nya!

Our ‘leaders’ said and did nothing.

All that apologizing, appeasement, accession and disgrace happened in a span of less than three weeks. I can’t wait to see how our leaders and elected officials will demean this country in the next month.

The good news is that we only have 3 years and 9 months to contend with the Clown-in-Chief if the Supreme Court continues to refuse to ask him for I.D. We may still be known as America by then.



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