How much more insolent credit card spending is the American public willing to take before saying, “Hey, show me your I.D.?”

The latest, or at least the latest of which I’m currently aware, is the pizza party. There was no 30-minute delivery guaranty so the tab had to be paid. I’m talking of course about Obama using my credit card (don’t laugh…you’re a co-signer) to have pizza delivered over 800 miles from St. Louis. To assure that it would be fresh, he had the dough, sauce, cheese and toppings personally brought into the White House by his current favorite pizza chef. Fortunately, the White House already had a pizza oven. Otherwise we’d have bought and installed that, too.

He also has bands flown in to entertain him and the White House staff regularly on Wednesday nights at our expense. You don’t think he’s paying for all this out of his salary, do you? I suppose the good news is that he’s a liberal Democrat so there will be no wasting money on tips. They don’t believe in gratuities.

I realize that expenditures like this on our dime are nothing compared to the multiple trillions of dollars of our money he’s tossing into the air at donor parties. But if a few thousand dollars for a pizza party on Friday night following fifty or a hundred fifty thousand dollars for the concert on Wednesday means nothing to him, can you really think that there is any respect or concern behind the spending of hundreds of billions?

The attitude is “Eh, a million here, a billion there. No auditor will ever find it in the trillions I’m spending. And if one does, I’ll make sure no one hears about it.”

He’s taxing your employer out of business, so you lose your job. He’s taxing you so heavily that you don’t feel it’s worth it to find another. Then there’s the extra tax on everything you buy with the money the government gives you because you’re “poor, unemployed or underemployed”. All so he can kick back, eat pizza and listen to his favorite music.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Open your eyes. This clown and his circus troupe on the hill are directing the roadies to set up the tents in the deep mud. That way we won’t bother getting to the big top and we won’t see the ‘All Amateur, All the Time’ performers being billed as knowledgeable professionals that are here for our benefit. We’ll just believe they know what they are doing.

America has, for over 200 years, been the stabilizing force in the world’s economy. Look where we’ve driven the world now.  We must vote a whole new slate in 2010 for “We the People” to gain some control again. That starts with our local elections all the way to the hill. We must start looking now for the right people.  They don’t have to be known politicians. In fact, it would probably be best if they weren’t.


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