Our new ‘left-of-center’ Secretary of Homeland Security has now put out an alert to keep a vigilant eye on what she has termed ‘Right Wing Extremists’.  Her description of Right Wing Extremists includes American citizens concerned with abortion, immigration, terrorists, public education; the current economic situation, taxes, insane spending, kickbacks, freedom and I guess people who like baseball, hot dogs, mom and apple pie.

Another group that receives special attention in her mind are the veterans returning from war zones, fresh with ideals about all the above and willing to fight and die for their country and its Constitution.   She calls them Right Wing Extremists that should be carefully watched; I call them Heroes and Patriots that should be praised and honored.

Basically, as I see it, the government has turned its major law enforcement concentration on the American people.   This body of elected idiots is willing to give amnesty to those who have broken into the country (friendly or not), educate them, house them, employ them and give them the rights of citizenship, with none of the responsibilities, all at the cost of the taxpaying citizens.   And we’re supposed to sit by complacently and accept it.

Today, April 15, is a special day for many Americans.   It’s the day that determines whether the various government entities have taken and held our earnings – interest free – for the past year and will allow us to have some of it back or take more of it.  This is TAX day.   According to Joe Biden and others in this administration, this is the day for citizens to do their patriotic duty and feed big government.

Why has Ms. Napolitano turned  against us?   Not that she was every really with those of us who believe in ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.  Why is it that because some of us don’t agree with the unending spending and excess taxation that our government has recently thrust upon us, that we require special attention?   Are we really a physical threat to Obummer because we don’t agree with his socialist economic plan or his repressive view on our freedoms?   Are we really racists just because he’s black?   Are we racists if we are black, too?

We are being taxed on everything we earn, buy, do and use.   In every case we are paying taxes on taxes after paying taxes so that our ‘governing’ bodies can have money to spend as they choose.   Is it wrong to raise a question?  Doesn’t our Bill of Rights allow us to do just that?

Please excuse me while you satisfy these questions in your own mind.   This tax paying combat vet has to attend some Tea Parties before meeting with the Minute Men.   Today is the day I’ve chosen to seriously look into protecting you and myself against the factions on both ‘Left’ sides that want to do away with our wealth, culture and freedoms.

Follow me Janet, I’ll smile and wave to the concealed cameras.


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  1. Eric Says:

    Finally, someone who tells it like it is!! Thanks.


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