Does it seem to people other than myself that when we have Democrat presidents, the number of suicides and mysterious deaths in government seems to rise? I’m talking about those who know where the skeletons are buried. I’m talking about the skeletons themselves. I’m talking about people who have a whistle in their pocket and just may blow it, but blow their brains instead.

Am I being paranoid? I really don’t know. But when I think of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Jon Walker, Jerry Parks, Barbara Wise, William Colby and a host of others, questions arise. I’m talking about the suicide of David Kellermann. Kellermann was with Freddie Mac for over 16 years and recently became the acting CFO. He knew where the skeletons were hidden. He may have pocketed a few bones himself. And now he’s gone. Kellermann won’t have anything to say about the inner workings of the pseudo-governmental agency.

The Tea Parties of last week are an indication that the American people have had enough of the governmental abuse of the citizenship. We, those of us who attended, are considered by this administration to be ‘Right Wing Extremists’. We are to be watched as subversives and potential threats to the stability of the government. All we did was express our rights of peaceful assembly, but for some reason we are now considered a greater threat to the U.S. and other citizens than the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Al Quida, Hamas and MS-13.

The government wants to take away our guns. Does that mean they want to reduce the possibility that we may commit suicide? I think not!


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