Unlike the news crews that have been touting the glory and holiness of the first hundred days for the last two weeks, I’ve chosen to wait until the full period ended. Yesterday marked that period. And the first 100 days of this administration has been quite a ride. We have seen unprecedented spending and heard promises of stable or lower taxes for the masses. It has been said that if you earn over $250,000 per year you are considered wealthy and should willingly contribute a greater portion of those earnings to the government.  It is your patriotic duty!

So, here’s the run down from my perspective.

TAXES – For those people earning less than $250,000 per year congratulations on your tax cut.  I can only assume that just people who earn over $250,000 per year smoke, because almost immediately tobacco taxes were increased by about seventy cents a pack or $7.00 a carton.  As you can see, the average working person who also smokes will be using their extra $10.00 per week re-stimulating the government with every puff.

And only those earning over $250,000 per year eat, drink, drive, read, go to movies, use telephones, watch television, use electricity, natural gas or do anything other than gather nuts and berries while living in a cave heated by a wood fire, because taxes have gone up on all those things.  Even living in a cave will soon have increased costs as taxes are levied against the carbon produced by burning wood.  Congratulations to all on your wealth!

Oh yeah, your income taxes won’t be going up either, it’ll just seem like it when the tax cuts are rolled back to pre-Bush levels.  Not an increase, just a sun-setting of the codes.  It’s all Bush’s fault.

CHANGE – The American people have elected one of the most charismatic and articulate (as long as the teleprompter is working correctly) presidents ever.   He has been successful in bringing all Democrats together to back his plans, and he has willingly signed bills for Congress defying his own campaign promises in return.

He promised change, and we got it.  Sweeping change has been his forte.  Anything the previous administration did that has not been reversed is subject to reversal.  Right or wrong, if it was begun, signed, completed or considered in the past eight years it requires review and 180 degree correction.  It seems to be the obsessed goal of this president to eliminate all traces of his predecessor.

He wanted to eliminate racism from our society yet if there is a comment made that is contrary or even somewhat different from that of Obama the entity voicing it is labeled racist.  If he did not personally bring it to public attention, his disciple-like followers would.  If the skin colors of he and George W. Bush were reversed…well you get the picture.  There would be riots in every major city.

The change does not have to be right or good either, as long as it is done rapidly.  Correct or reasoned change can always come later.  This administration believes that if you call it a crisis, any spending action is immediately justified.

Many of the changes he has made were made with the same people who have been around Washington D.C. for a very long time.  During his campaign he said that John McCain would hold a staff meeting with the ‘old boy network’ because McCain had been in Washington for over 26 years.  He then chose Joe Biden, who was Senator when John McCain was still a prisoner of war, as his running mate.

TRANSPARENCY – Obama stated during his campaign that there would be no room in his administration for lobbyists.  He immediately convened the largest cadre of lobbyists ever assembled and gave them cabinet offices. The most transparent administration ever has had more closed door meetings and back door moves than any previous.

In less than the full 100 days, he has broken virtually every promise, re-employed Washington insiders, forgiven and hired income tax evaders (even in positions of overseeing and enforcing tax law) and appointed or hired former lobbyists and ‘C’ level executives from failed or failing companies who were big contributors to his campaigns.  Of course, we cannot leave out those who have harbored and employed illegal aliens.

This president has embarrassed and alienated our closest allies and comforted our greatest enemies.  He has reduced funding for our missile defense system at a time when actively aggressive and hostile nations are building and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.  He says that he is actively seeking energy independence while blocking access our natural resources.

FISCAL DISCIPLINE – He promised to restore fiscal discipline in Washington: “to end wasteful government spending”.  Since taking office just 100 days ago, he has spent or obligated tens of trillions of dollars that the country does not have.  He has given new meaning to the term of inter-generational debt.

Since gaining office, he has shown personal fiscal discipline and spending restraint by hosting regular concerts and parties on Wednesday evenings for himself and staff members. The concerts cost the taxpayers $30K-$100K each, but cost him nothing other than the time to attend them. Even Friday night pizza (complete with chef) has to be flown in at a cost of over ten thousands of dollars. Thank you America for being such a good host to the elite.

HOMELAND SECURITY – He is making our county safer by prohibiting the Border Patrol from detaining illegal aliens and ICE from conducting raids on businesses hiring them.  He has declassified and released information about the interrogation techniques used against enemy combatants.  That information can only be of value to terrorists and others who want to do us harm for training purposes.   Now they know what to expect if they miss out on their 72 virgins and get caught.

He even tried to bill private insurance companies for combat related injuries to our returning soldiers with the V.A. acting as supplemental insurance.  His Secretary of Homeland Security, Ms. ‘No borders or boundries’ Napolitano recently accused returning combat veterans of being potential right wing extremists that should be closely watched.  Let the terrorists and gangsters come in across the southern border, but watch out for the patriots, they could be trouble!

DIRECT ACTION – Obama has signed more Executive Orders in his first hundred days than some presidents of the past have done in eight years.  He has taken command, as a commander should.  He has, at the same time, bypassed any Congressional checks and balances as any tyrant would.

ECONOMIC STIMULUS – He has authorized the financial bailout of the corporations owned and operated by his major contributors at the expense of the rest of us.  He has given our money to banks, auto manufacturers, insurance companies and mortgage lenders only to then have them give multi-million dollar bonuses and lavish vacations to the ‘C’ level executives before filing bankruptcy papers.

All the while open market and staple jobs continue to be erased, medium and small companies fold, families lose their homes, retirement funds are diminished to the point where many retirees are forced to tweak their resumes, unemployment and welfare roles rise; and he claims to be stimulating the economy.

He is working feverishly on granting Amnesty to law-breakers and even offering them Social Security benefits when they reach 65 even if there has not been one dime contributed from their earnings on their behalf.  Oh, what a nice guy!

CREDIBILITY – At one hundred days, Obama is still fighting the release of documents that would clarify and identify his authorization, as prescribed by the Constitution, to assume and remain in the office of President; to carry out the duties and responsibilities thereof.  At this point he has spent untold millions of dollars avoiding that release.  Now that’s honesty and transparency.

Keep listening to his words (as long as the teleprompter is plugged in) just don’t pay attention to what he’s doing.  Enjoy your cave until the government agents come to collect the carbon tax.

One hundred days down and counting.

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