Obama released highly redacted transcripts and descriptions of the “torture” of battlefield combatants with information that may well have helped save American and ally lives.  They have stirred a lot of emotion and excitement about how inhumane our intelligence gathering can be to those who want to do us harm.  It is said that the release gives information to our enemies on how to prepare for capture.

The photos of that inhumane treatment won’t be released.  At least not now.  Could that be because the actual photos confute the words remaining after redaction?  Or is it simply that they cannot be used to support the written word?  We don’t know.  We won’t be allowed to view them and make our own reasoned judgments until it’s too late.  How very Clintonesque!

Who knew what, and when did they know it?  Lots of back peddling on this issue right now, as there generally is when the facts are researched and presented.  This is not unlike the questions that arose regarding our intrusion into the Middle East.  Or potential rape, physical and mental/emotional abuse.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Rather than governing, our elite are now spending an awful lot of time investigating – themselves.  It goes from the local level to the Presidency, right through Congress.  The party that holds the most power, investigates the subordinate party or members of that party.  Doesn’t matter who’s on top. A problem occurs when the investigating party loses that stronghold of power.  Then there is a reversal in course. With the former underdog now on top, the corruption seems to all be on the heads of the former prosecutors.

Where it was once a shame to admit that a colleague of the elite had done something unethical, it is now a battle cry. It is a way of jockeying for position.  “If I (we) can fling some mud on him/her (them) the potential for me (us) to remain in power is enhanced.”  So now the constant bickering and infighting is taking time from the actual duties of our elected officials.  Or, is the exposure meant as a diversion? Look, over there. Ha, got your brownie.

Right now we have wild spending with promises of hope and better times. Jobs are being lost and companies are continuing to outsource labor to overseas third world countries.  The promises are there.  The hope is there. The spending is there.  But what we’re seeing is that the elite remain on the smooth, paved road while the rest of us are stuck on the rutted, rocky trail. And if they can keep us focused on the rocks, perhaps we’ll not realize we took a wrong turn and are now headed in the wrong direction.

One way or another, the government is usurping undeserved power and they don’t appear to be governing.


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