The American people, by no request of our own, have bailed out two of the Big Three car companies.  Both are now looking at getting more cash or bankruptcy (or both) after accepting tens of billions of our dollars.  The third?  Well, that would be Ford.  Ford is managing to get by.  Not flourishing as they once did, but viable and resolved to let free enterprise take its course.

Congress is legislating religion.  They’re trying to make the teachings of the bible hate crimes because some people don’t agree with the religious premises.  Hatred of the moral offerings is apparently acceptable, but not a crime.  It seems to me that I read somewhere, something to the effect of: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  Oh yeah, that’s the beginning of the 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Perhaps this Congress should read that instrument of freedom.  Congress doesn’t like the Bill of Rights because it restricts their power.  Though that seems not to matter to them anymore.

There are proportionately greater numbers of people on unemployment and welfare in those areas of the country known as ‘Blue States’ at the present time (about 20% more), and the numbers seem to be growing.  Here I have to ask: “Which came first, the entitlement mentality or the fact that some   hard working people just grew tired of having their earnings taken from them so that others could have the same, or more, benefit from their labor?”  The majority of this president’s votes came from those areas and states, and it could be that the honest, hard working people have given up.

The President says we’re out of money, yet he continues to spend like a drunken sailor.  He doesn’t even know what it’s like to be a sailor, or soldier, or airman, or Marine because he’s never served his country.  He’s taken from it and taken advantage of the opportunities offered.  He’s just never served it or given anything back to it.

The more talk there is in Congress about bi-partisanship, the less bi-partisanship there is.  The controlling legislative party (this time it’s the Democrat party, but it could be either) refuses reasoned input from the minority party.  They want and expect full support of all members or they point fingers and call names.

A few months ago there was a clamoring for the prosecution of the previous administration for “War Crimes”.  Recently, there has been talk of investigating the Speaker of the House for her knowledge of these ‘crimes’ and lack of reporting them.  Her own party, the controlling party, refuses to allow an investigation to happen.  The truth must be known only if it will damage the opposition.  Talk of War Crime prosecution has faded with the shining of a this light because ‘friendlies’ could be caught in the crossfire.

The President is in the process of declassifying and disseminating security information that our adversaries could use against Americans and cause the loss of lives on the battlefield.  At the same time, he has guarded the release of his own birth certificate like his life depends on it.

A birth certificate…a document that would identify whether or not he has the authority to carry out the reversal of American standards.  You’ve got to wonder why the secrecy on that piece of paper.

He, Obama, wants to close Gitmo and bring the detainees to the United States to be defended by ACLU lawyers, before an ACLU judge.  He, and Congress, say that none of the detainees will be released into our society.  (And there will be no new taxes unless you make over $250K/yr.)  As I understand it, no other country will take some of them.  So where will they be released by our liberal court system?   And of those who have been released, haven’t over 60 already returned to killing Americans?

Can’t interrogate them.  Can’t get rid of them.  Can’t give them fair trials because of the court system.  All that can be done is release information about their capture and treatment so their fellow combatants can prepare for their own potential futures.

Yes, the country needed change.  What we’ve gotten, however, is more of the same coming at us faster than ever.  I guess that’s the change; a more rapid rate of decline.

A car running off the road at high speed, flying down a ravine, landing on its top and killing all the occupants creates change for the occupants and their families.  It just isn’t good change.

Right now, America is flying down the ravine!


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