The words of Gil Scott-Heron from the 1960s that were made famous by Richie Havens, no longer hold true.  This time the revolution will be televised.

In the 1960s, the revolution reference was to the plight of America’s black men and women.  It was about the uprising for equality and respect as members of society.   The words were spoken loud and the only people who did not benefit from the efforts to bring justice to the black community were (and are) those who chose not to be strong, vigilant and strive to get ahead.  Many of those listened to the wrong ‘leaders’ and created second and third generation welfare recipients.

The Left-of-Center Loonies and Nightly Liars, sitting in front of the cameras did an excellent job of marginalizing the Tea Parties held throughout the United States on April 15, 2009.  The  ‘news’ teams even spun homosexual references to them in ridicule.  And that was the major extent of the coverage.  Little to nothing was said about the right of the people to peacefully assemble in protest.  Virtually nothing was broadcast or printed about the fact that a highly representative cross section of disgusted American citizens attended them in almost every city and town throughout the country.  Some cities amassing up to 20,000 while small communities attracted a few hundred.  The presentation was that ‘a few’ right wing extremists got together and made fools of themselves.

The coverage was notably different from the ‘Day without Illegal Immigrants’.  Then, the three major broadcast stations had almost 24-hour coverage of the events where DHS should have been making sweeps and arrests.  These demonstrations were aggregations of lawbreakers who were trumpeted by the left for seeking their ‘rights’ within this country.

Soon, very soon I believe, the American people are going to rise against this tyrannical government that has been allowed to grow and take away our freedoms for decades.  The usurping of the power must end.  We, the citizens, award the power to the elite for constructive use on our behalf.  That is not occurring.  Hopefully it will be a peaceful coup, done through the voting booth.  But it must be done.

George W. Bush was no friend of mine.  He contributed heavily to the situation we are currently experiencing.  But it was not all his fault.  Had he used his Veto authority, the picture would be quite different today. I’m convinced of that.  By not doing so, he effectively condoned the wild, often unnecessary spending and lack of oversight that took place.  Yet the loudest voices against him called out only for his stance and spending on the war in Iraq.  I am not an apologist for, or defender of ‘W’.  In my opinion he was not even the best choice of candidates offering themselves up for the presidential seat.  He was the one chosen by the elite to represent his party and became the best candidate at that time.

The current national financial situation (and I include all offshoots: mortgage, auto, banking, Wall Street and employment) was accelerated by the greed of Congress.  It was the personal wealth and power enhancement of the elite that loaded and triggered the breakdown not only of the U.S. financial infrastructure, but that of the supporting nations as well.   It was only carried out by the institution heads, to their own benefit, at the behest of our elected officials.  Their greed became an integral part of the problem, but it was not the entire reason for the current world situation.

Also instrumental, in my opinion, are the political and business leaders of the world.  They too, were investing in the balloons of America.  The financial situation of today is nothing more than a cyclic correction.  It is a major movement for an economic situation that had run amok.  It will happen again, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  It does show, however, how important the United States has been to the world economy.  (And yes, the use of the present perfect tense is exactly what I chose, for our current president is attempting to change that at the time of this writing.)

Obummer, the Democrats in Congress, DHS and the Attorney General all seem to embrace the world dictators and dictatorships.   Raul Castro (or Fidel) of Cuba, Hugo Chavez of Argentina and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran are not, and should not be, models of stable governments or prosperous societies. They are even more class conscious than our own system and government.

Congress and the president continue to tout open borders and amnesty for the twelve to twenty-five million people from countries around the globe primarily from third world countries who have invaded our soil.  There will be no health checks as has always been mandated for extended residency in this country.  Today’s illnesses can wipe out entire cities before being controlled or even identified. The Secretary of Homeland Security and Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even warn that we should prepare for devastating diseases that may originate in other countries.  But open borders will bring more Democrat voters expecting more handouts so it will happen.

DHS claims not to be able to even find a significant portion of the illegal alien population, many of whom are employed in unskilled or low skilled jobs.

We, the people of this great land have elected a president who feels the need to apologize to the world for the existence of America.   The citizens don’t feel the need to apologize for the billions of dollars that we share with other countries in need.  The citizens don’t feel the need to apologize for coming to the aid of disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, flooding, etc.) that devastate populations around the globe.  But this president and his administration do feel that need.

We have a president who feels the need to tax (over tax) the wealthy.  These are the people who are the most productive of our society.  Nobody earns in excess of $250K without working.  These are the people who have applied themselves; they have become educated (either formally with degree(s), or through self absorption of knowledge).  In any case, they are contributors to the wealth of the nation through their efforts.  They already pay a generous portion of the taxes collected by government.  There should be no reason to burden them beyond that of the less productive.

Britain and other countries are doing the same thing.  They are making the people who are most important to the economy rethink their need to contribute.  I can see the most productive people getting together and forming their own country, perhaps on another continent, in order to be able to reap the rewards they are due without being forced to give half or more to a government.

That exodus will most definitely be televised.  The coming revolution will be televised even by the network stations.  It may be heavily editorialized, but you can believe it will be televised.



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