A “Special Master for Compensation” or Pay Czar is in the wind for the Obummer Administration.  The job will be to oversee the compensation of executives for companies that have received, or will receive, public funding in the form of Bailout Bucks.  Seems as though Congress and the president want to make sure that the taxpayer money is spent wisely.

This at the same time Obummer spends over $300K on a photo of Air Force One, multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars on Wednesday night concerts at the White House, +/-$24K on a “date night” in New York and who knows how much for Date Night Paris.  Lest we forget, there are untold and probably never to be completely identified multiple billions (trillions?) of dollars that have been borrowed.  Perhaps the campaign promise for financial responsibility and accountability within this administration was really meant only after the government nationalizes those pesky capitalist enterprises of the nasty Bush era.

A “Pay Czar” sounds completely reasonable to me.  Congress, whose members would all be fired for lack of performance, responsibility and diligence if they were employed in the public sector, is making demands on those who fund their paychecks.  I guess the thought is “The less the executives earn, the more we can steal from the companies in the form of graft and taxes”.

With the Pay Czar, comes a staff of probably 50+ in Washington and  probably 300 or more additionally throughout the country.  This helps Obummer’s “jobs created or saved” figures. The rest of the jobs created or saved are all in the public sector as well.  Some of them are only temporary, but they still count to raise the numbers.  Once counted, the figures will remain on the books even after the jobs go away.

Jobs created include positions for temporary workers who are hired to conduct various aspects of the upcoming census.  There will be workers counting and logging each residence address.  There will be the bloated staff that compiles the questions. There will be the staff that mail out the questionnaires. Then there will be workers who come along behind them to make contact with the residents for specific information such as “Do you have indoor plumbing”, “Cable or satellite TV”, Does any member of the household have more than four fingers or one thumb on any hand”?

The question that invariably goes unanswered is “Are you authorized to be in the country?”  This question is not posed for two reasons.  First, the respondents might not answer honestly (they are assumed to answer every other question honestly, though). Second, the government is not interested in how many people are legally in this country or how many felons there are that are not allowed to vote.  The size and boundries for legislative districts and the number of government “representatives and legislators” are determined by the total number of people, not the number of voters so it is imperative to get the highest count possible, even if the census takers have to include Donald Duck and Elmer Fudd as household members.  It’s just another way to grow government!

So, when we get the numbers of jobs created or saved, they include the growth of government through new bureaucracies and temporary jobs such as the census, that would have occurred whether or not we had any economic stimulus spending.

Other than the jobs that have been saved or created within our government, permanent or temporary, there do not appear to be any that have been created within the private, or tax paying, sector.  Yes, we have oversight committees and staff that are assigned to and working in the private sector, but they are being paid out of the stimulus money that you and I fund.

The more one looks at this administration, the easier it is to see that this is a government “against the people”.   Apparently, for sixty some years now, I have been misled into thinking that this was a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Many individuals, even though they may have voted to put this man in office, are rapidly becoming disenchanted with the policies that are being put into place.  Those of us who were able think for ourselves and see through the scripted campaign speeches, questioned how all the promises would be paid without raising taxes on people earning less than $250,000.  Taxes on almost everything have been raised and more taxes are proposed almost daily.  None of the new taxes designate a specific income level as a factor for responsibility to pay them.

We were called racists because we wouldn’t vote for the first viable black presidential candidate.  Now, we are called right wing extremists for not wanting to give all our income to the government by the disciples who still refuse to acknowledge that the Messiah is a false prophet who is undermining our country for his own personal purposes.

We must start reviewing the potential mid-term replacement candidates now so that we are prepared to correctly and intelligently mark the ballots next year.  We cannot afford to allow any more socialist or Marxist candidates to dominate our lives.  Yes, it is that important to learn all we can about the next Congress and our various state representatives!


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