I wanna be your friend.  Can we be friends?  I’ll give you some candy.  I’ll do your homework.  Come on Moe; let me be your friend.  Please, please, please.  Please let me be your friend.

Liberals kill me.  They’ll be killing you, too.  They will probably be killing your neighbors and your relatives in Missouri, Oregon and Alabama, as well.  Liberals, you see, don’t like history.  That’s why they teach your kids that Napoleon was gay instead of chronicling his life and ruthless military exploits.  The history “teachings” of this man (if there are any at all) do not include his vast army of police and citizens spying on one another, reporting to the authorities about any comments overheard that were not aligned with the government.  No, they don’t teach this, but they affirm and re-affirm that Napoleon was French and he was gay because it lends credence to other social indoctrination.

But the lesson for today is about Obama and his lack of fundamental knowledge of history.  I’m talking not only about his basic misunderstanding of Muslims, the acceptance of barbaric beheadings, lashings and stoning throughout time for crimes as simple as a woman speaking to a non-related man.  I’m talking about the recent statements and actions that show their willingness for ‘less-than-peaceful’ world harmonizing.

In order to spread the liberal “Can’t we all just get along” mentality Obummer has, with his most recent trip to the Middle East, condoned the nuclear exploitations of Iran.  Sure they should have nuclear power.  Iran will be much more capable and environmentally responsible than the U.S. when it comes to disposing of the spent fuel.  And they won’t even think of weaponizing it ‘cause the leader is really, really good people.

Let’s take the last Democrat to hold office.  (I say Democrat rather than liberal here because Bush was, by his spending and social policies, truly a liberal who ran under the Republican ticket).  The last liberal president to run under the Democrat party ticket was Clinton.  It was Clinton and his administration that not only struck a “peace deal” with North Korea, they gave the North Koreans $4 billion (and that was back in the day when a billion dollars had meaning) to construct facilities to produce electricity for the people.  The same peace agreement also gave the North Koreans 500,000 tons of fuel oil to provide warmth and electricity for the masses while the nuclear power plants were being built.

Bill Clinton was still returning his pen to his pocket after signing that agreement when the North Koreans began using all the goodness provided by America to build nuclear warheads while the citizens froze in their darkened homes during the long winters.  By gaining other American technology via China, Russia and Iran, North Korea now has the ability to launch those warheads and send them around the world.  And, they are threatening to do just that unless we play nice with them.

So, apparently history has taught Obama all he needs to know.  He shared nice, nice sentiments with the people of the Middle East.  He was light hearted and put them at ease about America.  He knows that Muslims will do things much differently.  He made Mahmoud feel good and comfortable again with us.  In fact the Iranian leader is still laughing about “Big O’s” speech.

No problem, Israel is safe and the tall, good looking, soft spoken and charismatic Moe has been lauded with another four years in power through an honest and peaceful election.

What is the Farsi word for ACORN, anyway?


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