Starting on June 24, 2009 we will no longer have free and open airwaves.  I’ll talk about the “Fairness Doctrine” later since Congress has been quietly slipping it through.  But here I want to share my thoughts on the town Hall meeting that will be conducted in the hall of the town now known as Obamaland.  (I think this may be the 57th state he talked about on the campaign trail.)

It seems that Charlie Gibson will be moving into the bedroom next to the president (adjoining door?) so he will have full access to the president for a town hall meeting.  We know that the network news has been in bed with this president since the start of his rise to stardom.  In fact, the network news is responsible, in large, for that happening.  But when they move into the White House…  It can only be for propaganda purposes.

The Town Hall will be for the promotion of Nationalized Health Care.  You know the plan.  It’s another chance for this administration to take and spend more of your hard earned dollars, and those of your children and grandchildren, for something you won’t be able to use and future generations don’t want and can’t afford.  And it’s all under the guise of equal opportunity.  They have to tell us over and over again how good it will be for us so we don’t think differently.

Seniors have already been told to “suck it up” and learn to live with aging rather than seeking treatment for the associated ills and pains.  Where’s the equality here? We know from the other countries that have instituted State run health care that bureaucracy gets in the way of medicine.  If you think  the profit margin of your insurance company limits your access to your doctors, just hang on when we hit controlled costs handled by inexperienced and incompetent bureaucratic cronies of, and donors to, this president.

I’ll bet they’re already rehearsing the “tough” questions at the White House.  You won’t have a chance to ask any.  Rush Limbaugh won’t be invited.  In fact, anybody to the political right of Benito Mussolini won’t be able to question this program, or this president.  The “questions”, if any are allowed, will be pre-scripted for a teleprompted positive spin.  This is the way it is and this is the way it will be just about sums up the Town Hall Meeting coming on June 24.

Town Hall meetings used to be an interaction between the people and the government.  Not any more it seems.

Change!  Hope!  These were the key words of Obama’s campaign.  This is the change we are getting.  “We the People” no longer count in this once great land.  Congress used to vote on policies after actually reading them and considering input from constituents.  The change here is that you’ll hope members of the Black Panthers or ACORN don’t come to your house, cock your head back and stuff them down your throat.  ABC news will record the two or three people who swallow willingly and they’ll make it look like nationalized health care is the choice of the whole country except for you.

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED!  Will you be on the news?


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