People across America and around the globe are clamoring for Obama to make a definitive statement regarding Iran, the recent election or the protests occurring there.  His avoidance of direct statements could just be political no-speak, but I think otherwise.  I believe it is beyond the fear of being perceived as a meddler.  I think it goes even beyond his inability to make a non-personal agenda driven decision without finite polling data.  I think he’s afraid to take a stand.

Think about it for just a pair of seconds.  The protests in Iran are about election fraud.

If Obama takes a side, if he backs either the protesters or President Mahmoud I’m-in-a-Jihad, he would be admitting that there is really a thing called election fraud.  Can you say ACORN? It would open more questions from even more people regarding his personal ascension to office.

It is readily accepted by the majority of intelligent people, and others as well, that the media and ACORN were the primary drivers in our most recent presidential election.

I’m not a conspiracy nut (at least I try not to be), but when you look at the number of court cases currently surrounding ACORN for (allegedly) mishandling monies, unaccounted and unaccountable millions of dollars, voter registration, the use of felons (people who have lost their voting rights) to collect voter information, paying some people in cigarettes, alcohol and even cash to register and vote, transporting people without identification to the polls and telling them how to vote…

Then, if you factor in that Obama has reportedly spent millions of dollars protecting from public view and scrutiny the very documents (birth certificate, school records, tuition grantors, thesis paper(s), passport information, etc.) that would legitimize his authority to make decisions affecting over three hundred million U.S. citizens and untold millions of people around the world you must have a genuine concern.

If he supports Ahmadinejad, and the election is found to be rigged, he’ll be wrong in front of the world.  If he backs the protesters, he’s effectively admitting that he believes the election could have been fraudulent.

We know that Mahmoud has no respect for Barack.  But Ahmadinejad may have a lot more in common with Obama than first appears on the surface.  For one thing, neither is commenting on the other’s election.


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2 Responses to “ELECTION FRAUD”

  1. Ron Says:

    Bob, you have some good points here. Please let me know when your book is out.



  2. Homepage Says:

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    […] Read More here: bizarroworldusa.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/election-fraud/ […]


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