In a press conference on June 23, President Obama used the words “But only I am the president of the United States”.  He was referring to the fact that opinions of others, including his closest advisors and mentors in the House and Senate, mean little when it comes to doing things his way.

We have heard many times now the childish debate or conversation ending “We won” from not only Obama, but also his vice president and press secretary.  It’s like saying, “I don’t have to be right.  I don’t have to represent the people.  I’m doing this my way”.

I have to question how this is any different from Karl Marx, or Vladimir Lenin or Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro or even Adolf Hitler.  All are, or were, tyrants whose rule left little room for input from the commoners about their lives.

We have the “News Broadcast” (aka Town Hall Meeting) direct from the White House by Obama friendly ABC News.  They will be covering the president’s National Health Care project.  While readily and heavily denied by this administration, even a blind man can see that this is a propaganda forum disguised as a legitimate reporting session.

On the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue, so to speak, is the silencing of any and all who would like to speak their minds regarding the propriety of dealings by Congress, this administration or liberals in general.  Called the “Fairness Doctrine”, liberals would like to express their position of tolerance by eliminating any opinions that differ from their agenda.  Beyond that, the Homeland Security Chief has flagged anybody who has: fought in the military, or opposes abortion, or opposes one world government, or wants increased security by enforcing our borders and immigration laws, or who believes citizens have the right to protect themselves with guns against gun wielding criminals, or…as Right Wing Extremists that must be closely watched by law enforcement.  The Right Wing Extremists command more attention for their words and thoughts than criminals do for their actions now.

Grow the government, control the media, limit the access of citizens to government, take over commerce, industry and financial institutions and control the minds of our young with political indoctrination under the ruse of state run education seems to be the direction the government is taking our country now.

There was not even a fork in the road that brought us to this place.  The choices for our leaders were to continue on the path our forefathers set forth, with compensating variances for today’s world, or a rapid and sharp ‘U’ turn that has us heading exactly in the opposite direction.  For over 270 years we were a strong and respected leader in world policy and economy.  The past thirty – forty year span has us now struggling to reach mediocrity within the “Global Society”.

But you can have your supplemental subsistence payment mailed to your door.  I guess that’s the good thing.  You will be able to subside while some government bureaucrat decides if you’re worth the cost of the chemo or radiation treatment.


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