Trustees charged with overseeing Social Security are projecting there won’t be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for the next two years.  There will, however, be an increase in the amount of pay and other benefits that members of Congress and the president’s staff receive.

You see, there is no way possible for this system to cover the true cost of living increase that we are experiencing and will continue to experience for the remainder of our lifetimes.  This Congress and administration has levied and will continue to levy assessments (taxes) upon us to pay for programs that “We the People” don’t even want.  These tax increases are causing businesses to shutter their doors and lay workers off.  The higher the taxes, the fewer people there are to help pay them.  Thus, the less money there is to pay back the ‘investors’ in the Social Security system.

Social Security is a program into which working people are forced to contribute.  You have no choice.  If you report your income, you must also give money to the federal government to hold and invest on your behalf so that you will have an income when the affects of aging limit your ability to continue earning.  Yes, you can also protect your well-being with other saving methods such as IRAs, 401(K) s, etc.; but you must also contribute to Social Security.

This Ponzi scheme is ready to collapse in such a way that will probably allow Bernie Madoff his freedom.  After all, he only did the same thing.  He took money from some people to pay others.  All the while promising returns to investors that could not be had elsewhere.   Eventually there was not enough coming in to cover the payouts.  The major difference between Mr. Madoff and our government – people could choose not to invest with Mr. Madoff.

“Give me your money to hold for a few years and I’ll take care of you down the line”.  Sound familiar?  The only difference is that Bernie is in jail for one hundred fifty years and our elected representatives are vying for another two, four or six years in positions allowing them to take more of our money to enrich only them while telling us that it is for our own good.

It really is time to take back our country.  We have been too complacent for too long and now we have a runaway government that is accountable to no one.

We have czars with more power than our elected officials (who have assumed far more authority than endorsed via our votes) reporting to only one man. We have no say, and little information regarding their position, authority, responsibility, duties or pay.  Each of the czars has his or her mini-empire of employees for which we are responsible.  We now have czars in charge of people in charge of things that should never be.  It’s the way of the federal government.  Give them an inch and they’ll hire an army of incompetents to measure it.

Yet, there is no money to repay those who paid into the Social Security system.

Next time you vote, be informed and vote wisely.  We cannot afford the mentality that it is “time for” a black man to be president, or a Muslim to be Secretary of Defense, or the U.N. to make policy for the U.S. or…


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