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September 28, 2009

America has to wake up soon.  I mean wide awake, not just blurry-eyed stumbling toward the nearest Starbucks.  Obama is doing an excellent job.  Everybody seems to be looking elsewhere and not seeing how well he’s doing.

The anarchistic movement from inside our government is working and working well.  It is the goal of radicals to create such chaos that nobody is able to see the refined workings behind the dust cloud.  And this is certainly happening now.  We have the President thrusting upon Congress a need to move quickly and pass laws that have not been written by their own members, understood by their own members or even read by them.  Then he goes on vacation, letting the finished bills rest on his desk, as if there was never a need for haste.

At the same time, he is advocating that extending school for our children is necessary for American children to compete in math and science with the rest of the world.  While it is true that kids in many other countries have more school days, it’s not true they all spend more time in school.

With an average of 1,146 hours per school year devoted to instruction, American kids are already spending more time in school than their counterparts in Asia.  Yet our students still fall behind in the key areas of math and science.

If our teachers spent more time on the fundamentals (math and science, history geography, etc.) and less time on social and political indoctrination we would once again dominate the academic world.  That was the case 30-40 years ago.  With a concentration on academics there would be no need to extend either the days or the terms in order to compete.

Today, our ‘educational institutions’ concentrate more time on influencing students with liberal and socialist  ideals, and only those ideals, than they spend on core subjects that will aid the students’ growth, productivity and success in a capitalist society.  In order to move forward, beyond the average, our children must be taught to seek knowledge apart from what they are fed.  Yet that is not happening.  Instead, they are admonished for researching and sharing information or opinion based on facts  not presented in the confines of the classroom.

Environmental concerns are certainly worthy of intellectual debate in school.  But there should be debate.  One opinion regarding the subject should not be the only one presented to our young or the only one accepted by their teachers.  Al Gore is not the only one with a thought on the subject!

Obama is also directing attention away from the major issues of concern to the greatest majority of the population.  For example: he has fought the release of any background information on himself such as his birth certificate, school records, etc.  While a number of people are looking into that aspect of his life they are ignoring the radical, anti- capitalist and racist influences (Ayres, Alinsky, and Wright as only single examples in each category listed) that are directing his current moves.

Then, of course, there are the czars, Gitmo, the war in Afghanistan, immigration issues, health care, ACORN and the expensive vacations with his wife and children to domestic and foreign locations under the guise of national or international affairs at a time when over half of the American population is trying to sustain life.  Obama has many irons in his self-created fires so that the ignorant American population will be diverted and not notice that he is giving our country over to a world order he has aspirations of controlling.

Impeachment proceedings begun now may still be too late.  See beyond the chaos and make any corrective moves accordingly.  Vote wisely in the future.


September 23, 2009

How is it that, of late, Democrats are spending so much time investigating everything and everybody other than their fellow Democrats?

We have Eric Holder salivating about investigating the CIA regarding valid and authorized interrogation techniques.  He wants everything out in the open so that the whole world will know exactly how we protect our country via questioning enemy combatants.  This will only give our enemies more information about how we prosecute our own soldiers, peace keepers and intelligence agencies in order to protect the ‘rights’ of those wishing to do us harm.  It will offer de facto training for them.

Congress (most of who have only seen military duty by viewing a parade or stopping by a base for a photo op) is now battling the Pentagon for the opportunity to challenge the judgment of Gen. Stanley McChrystal.  Gen. McChrystal is an Army Ranger with foreign relations training and education and Delta Force Commander who has spent more time in command in war zones than most Congressmen have spent working on behalf of the people they were elected to represent.  Again, this CSPAN broadcast would be a major aid to our enemies but can only be a micro-management experience for those who know nothing about battlefield or conflict strategy and probably will not understand it even after the show.

The President, who has many times refused to intervene on behalf of our nation’s allies, has once again interfered with the potential campaign of a U.S. elected official.  The mere fact that Obama asked Gov. Patterson of New York to step aside during the 2010 elections will influence some New York voters-whether or not they have any respect for either Patterson or the President.  A very similar thing took place in Illinois regarding the list of candidates to fill the vacant U.S. Senator position.  Not to rule out his involvement, but Rod Blagojevich caught the short end of the stick on that one.

There is a known and admitted tax cheat in charge of, the U.S, Treasury and the very agency (IRS) for which he has shown no respect.  There are many others within the President’s cabinet and staff that would be in jail if they were not in government, but none of them are being investigated.

There is ACORN.  The Democrats refused to even acknowledge that there may be a problem, even after multiple investigative reports by concerned citizens showed wide spread abuse and corruption.   Why?  Because the President, as a community organizer and consultant, apparently taught the leaders how to write meaningless grant proposals, use the taxpayer money as they desire, misreport performance figures and reapply for more money using that fictitious data.

Then, of course, on the investigative team sits John Murtha, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Henry Waxman, etc.  They and about a hundred others in the House, Senate, Presidential cabinet and staff could and should be, in my opinion, investigated for fraud corruption and general sleaziness.  And, no, it is not just this Congress and administration.  It is government in general and the point to which “We the People” have allowed it to degenerate.

We have another opportunity to take out country back in Nov. 2010.  Don’t waste it!


September 15, 2009

Health care does need reform.  The auto industry did not need support.  Willing American workers throughout the nation need jobs.  The financial industry certainly got into some serious problems.  Mortgage lenders now have more real inventory than liquidity.  Capitalism is a series of tilts and balances that tend to settle on the high side when left to self correct.

It’s easy to understand that our nation is in need of some major changes to get back on track again.  Is it really necessary to do away with everything that has worked in the past and replace it with what has not worked well in virtually every other country?  Doesn’t it seem more logical to step back, regroup, hold onto what we have and revamp the less desirable components, to start again with the base or foundation in place and restore the structure?  Why is it necessary to completely reverse everything that has made this country great just to effect CHANGE?

This administration is not interested in making our infrastructure better; it is only interested in taking it 180 degrees from what we had.  Our systems worked: finance, industry, medical, everything in which we engaged worked for over 230 years as we grew and prospered.  They would have continued working if only given the opportunity to make the corrections necessary to allow for the current times.

Like the tides, surges and recessions come and go.  Sometimes the wave, such as we have experienced over recent the past ten to fifteen years, is elevated beyond the anticipated. To ride the swell is exhilarating and exciting.  But, there is always a correction for each wave period resulting in a trough or recession.  The greater the wave is, the more powerful the receding surf.  We are now in that ebb tide.  But, that should not empower our government to drain the ocean and replace it with rocks.

Our government, over the past few administrations and Congressional sessions, has disconnected with what the founding fathers had in mind for our nation.  That disconnect has taken us from the position of a respected authoritative world leader to one of disdain as an arrogant authoritarian figure.  This loathing of our elite is not only among other nations, it is also being expressed within our citizenry.  The founders sought a government that governed and made sure through their writings that freedom of the people was a primary concern.

Govern – to rule with authority, to influence or direct, to conduct the affairs of an organization or country.

Over the past nine months we have seen a government takeover of most of the infrastructure that made America the envy of virtually every nation around the globe.  Now we are seeing the melding of that greatness into a global society that will make each nation and every person equal to all others in all respects.  Incentive to be greater or do better will fall, like the pendulum that, when left alone to swing freely, reaches a neutral and stagnant position.  There will be no need for the common person to attempt to excel unless it is to achieve a position with government.

Usurp – to take power or authority wrongfully or by force.

The government has taken, and will continue to take more and more freedoms and rights from the American people, under the guise of governing.  And as long as “We the People” continue to pay more attention to the melody than the words of the song, we will continue authorizing them to do so.

Your vote counts.  If you haven’t yet, begin to research the candidates that may run for office: local, state and federal.  We do need change.  This time we need reasoned change, not just change for the sake of change.  Think about the meaning of the words the candidates use.  Don’t become enamored by the appearance, mannerisms or oratory ability of the individual.  If you are promised all that you want, ask if it will be right for the greatest majority and not just you individually.  Also, ask if the promises are truly feasible and at what cost.  We are finding out that change can be more costly than beneficial.


September 10, 2009

The President painted a very pretty and glowing picture with his speech on health care reform.  But it was painted with the same tired brush that he has been using.  It took over 45 minutes to restate the same unbelievable verbiage that has been offered before using the new focus-grouped terms.  While the picture has potential, the edges of the images within remain somewhat soft as if blurred by the overused and frayed brush.

He did scale back the number of Americans without health insurance coverage from 47 million to 30 million.  That may have been a recount not including illegal aliens.  It may also reconsider those individuals who choose not to buy health insurance because they are young and generally healthy.  The reduced number could also be excluding those people who opt not to continue their health insurance to bridge the gap when they change jobs.

There are a number of people who don’t have health insurance for many reasons.  If all those people who do not have health insurance for their own reasons are eliminated, there appears to remain about 8-10 million.  Considering that the estimated cost for the program is $900 billion over the next ten years, that makes the cost of care $90,000-$112,500 per person per year or $750-$937.50 per person per month.  It doesn’t sound like bargain pricing to me.

What he did say was that there would be no increase in the deficit, not one dime.  (Shades of the $250k farce from his campaign.)  He also said that if it looked like the plan would not meet this goal then there would be spending cuts.  He continues to deny, however, that there will be any reduction in service or quality of service.  (Raise your hand now if you, too, see a contradiction in the last two statements.)

What he did say was that there would be no requirement to change the insurance you currently have.  The new program would only make it work better.  What was not said is that if you, for any reason, lose your current health insurance you will not be able to choose another insurer other than the government option.  Effectively this would mean that for every job change there would be one more person beholden to the government.  There would also be no need for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) that allows continued coverage under an existing policy while searching for another insurer.

What was not said: (1) there will be over 50 new bureaucracies formed to oversee the “Public Option”, (2) the government has never run anything with any degree of efficiency or kept costs within budget and (3) the estimated cost of $900 billion may be less than the cost of the Afghan and Iraq wars, but it is in addition to those costs, not in replacement of them.

He did say that services for illegal immigrants are not included in H.R. 3200.  What he failed to relate to the nation is that there is no language specifically excluding them and therefore they are included by default and that health care professionals are restricted from asking about citizenship or legal status.

He did say that there would be no public funding for abortions.  What he conveniently neglected to share at this time is that there will be increased funding to Planned Parenthood and other agencies that promote abortion.

He intimated that nationwide competition will be offered and that it will drive costs down.  Fifty+ new bureaucracies will bring costs down? And, it will take federal regulation to override many states’s current industry controlling codes.  That could mean even more bureaucratic agencies.  Nationwide competition will be a great thing if it can be accomplished between the companies without the government mandates and/or oversight (more bureaucracies) and interference.

What he did say is that companies will be fined of 8% of their payroll for not providing a health insurance plan to employees.  What he did not say is that the current cost for health insurance exceeds 8% and companies seeing an opportunity to retain more of their earnings will drop insurance coverage forcing employees into the government option.

My head has been spinning ever since he made the $250k statement last summer.  I cannot understand how the government continues to employ more and more people who were formerly tax base producers of the public sector and claim that the economy is turning around.  If you reduce the tax base and increase the draw on the remaining base, how long can it last?  (Stand a triangle on one apex and see how long it remains standing.) It’s like borrowing from one credit card to make the minimum payment on ten others.  That scenario almost always ends in financial devastation and bankruptcy.  Yet somewhere close to 50% of the American population is accepting this insane premise because an eloquent orator tells them that the limit on card A will be raised and all will be OK.

All of H.R. 3200 deals with health maintenance and mitigation through drugs or surgery.  There is no component of this bill regarding wellness through regimented and controlled exercise, chiropractic, vitamin and nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture or any alternative therapy that is non-invasive and without potentially dangerous side effects.  Virtually every synthetic pharmaceutical is designed to treat symptoms, not address the underlying problem.   The side effects created by one drug may require another drug to belay the symptoms of those side effects.  Any incision, any disruption to the integrity of our protective membranes runs the risk of serious infection.  And yet, this is called health care.  The good news is that soon it will be free for all!  FREE!


September 8, 2009

Obama and this administration are so controlling in their attempts to pass legislation that the country doesn’t want or need, they are now willing to openly and arrogantly brainwash our children.  What else would you call it when the administration writes a classroom lesson plan to be taught before and during a speech the President makes on a subject?  The lesson plan is designed to pre-think for the children in K-12th regarding the righteousness of the speech.

What, other than brainwashing (thought control) or indoctrination, would be the reason for formulating a question for adolescents and pre-adolescents such as, “How can you serve your President?”  The question was not about making the country better or making the education system better.  It was more at “How can we make you a direct subservient immediately as opposed to allowing you time to learn and think or chancing that you will not be a potentially malleable mush head.”

A presidential speech, directed to public education students, was made by former President Bush.  Democrats loudly and adamantly protested as politicizing the public education system.  (Like it had never been politicized prior.  Ha!) President Bush used the opportunity to share the need for a good and continued education with the students.  Never before this, however, have students been guided as to how a speech should be received.   It could be called indoctrination, but then the emphasis would be buried in the rest of the progressive public school curriculum.

This time around the President wants children to remain under the influence of liberal to ultra-liberal to downright socialist teachings and political/governmental influences of the public education system.  Neither the speech nor the lesson plan was meant for free thinking home schooled children or private school students.

The public schools gave up on educating long ago.  Now our children are taught how best to make love to their fellow gym student, how to unquestioningly accept whatever a pseudo-authority figure wants you to hear, that the makeup of earth and atmosphere is all due to the industrialization of the past 100 years and that the heating and cooling cycles of the past millions of years are not a factor for consideration and that if you have a black president, his or her policies must therefore be best for all.  Geography, history, social studies, English, literature, etc. now take a second chair to socio/political teachings.

Congress members have been holding town hall meetings endlessly in an attempt to elicit favorable public opinion for the proposals that have been tendered.  They are trying to pass legislation that the public doesn’t want and certainly does not want to pay for on top of the $787 billion Pork Barrel Spending Bill.  Now the President is trying to manipulate the minds of our nation’s youth to gain greater power.  Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

If you have a good product, marketing it is easy.  Sales of the product will come readily.  If you have to spend all your time selling, and throwing people out of your pre-marketing meetings when they question the viability of your product or make suggestions for enhancing or revising the prior to production, most people would think that there might be a problem with the product and allow quality control another opportunity for customer input and make revisions.  Not so with this government.  They are now trying to adjust our thoughts to accept the defective products without question prior to production.

Recently, Janet Napolitano inducted the girl scouts (3.4 million yet to be educated youth) into what she referred to as a Citizen’s Preparedness force.  Girl scouts and Brownies becoming the first of this president’s “highly trained civilian force that is as and well funded as our U.S. military for domestic purposes” (aka Brown Shirts).  In this case perhaps the reference would be Brown Skirts?

Is the president trying to level the playing field or has he made sure the path to ‘our’ goal is depressed and deep with mud?