Obama and this administration are so controlling in their attempts to pass legislation that the country doesn’t want or need, they are now willing to openly and arrogantly brainwash our children.  What else would you call it when the administration writes a classroom lesson plan to be taught before and during a speech the President makes on a subject?  The lesson plan is designed to pre-think for the children in K-12th regarding the righteousness of the speech.

What, other than brainwashing (thought control) or indoctrination, would be the reason for formulating a question for adolescents and pre-adolescents such as, “How can you serve your President?”  The question was not about making the country better or making the education system better.  It was more at “How can we make you a direct subservient immediately as opposed to allowing you time to learn and think or chancing that you will not be a potentially malleable mush head.”

A presidential speech, directed to public education students, was made by former President Bush.  Democrats loudly and adamantly protested as politicizing the public education system.  (Like it had never been politicized prior.  Ha!) President Bush used the opportunity to share the need for a good and continued education with the students.  Never before this, however, have students been guided as to how a speech should be received.   It could be called indoctrination, but then the emphasis would be buried in the rest of the progressive public school curriculum.

This time around the President wants children to remain under the influence of liberal to ultra-liberal to downright socialist teachings and political/governmental influences of the public education system.  Neither the speech nor the lesson plan was meant for free thinking home schooled children or private school students.

The public schools gave up on educating long ago.  Now our children are taught how best to make love to their fellow gym student, how to unquestioningly accept whatever a pseudo-authority figure wants you to hear, that the makeup of earth and atmosphere is all due to the industrialization of the past 100 years and that the heating and cooling cycles of the past millions of years are not a factor for consideration and that if you have a black president, his or her policies must therefore be best for all.  Geography, history, social studies, English, literature, etc. now take a second chair to socio/political teachings.

Congress members have been holding town hall meetings endlessly in an attempt to elicit favorable public opinion for the proposals that have been tendered.  They are trying to pass legislation that the public doesn’t want and certainly does not want to pay for on top of the $787 billion Pork Barrel Spending Bill.  Now the President is trying to manipulate the minds of our nation’s youth to gain greater power.  Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

If you have a good product, marketing it is easy.  Sales of the product will come readily.  If you have to spend all your time selling, and throwing people out of your pre-marketing meetings when they question the viability of your product or make suggestions for enhancing or revising the prior to production, most people would think that there might be a problem with the product and allow quality control another opportunity for customer input and make revisions.  Not so with this government.  They are now trying to adjust our thoughts to accept the defective products without question prior to production.

Recently, Janet Napolitano inducted the girl scouts (3.4 million yet to be educated youth) into what she referred to as a Citizen’s Preparedness force.  Girl scouts and Brownies becoming the first of this president’s “highly trained civilian force that is as and well funded as our U.S. military for domestic purposes” (aka Brown Shirts).  In this case perhaps the reference would be Brown Skirts?

Is the president trying to level the playing field or has he made sure the path to ‘our’ goal is depressed and deep with mud?


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