The President painted a very pretty and glowing picture with his speech on health care reform.  But it was painted with the same tired brush that he has been using.  It took over 45 minutes to restate the same unbelievable verbiage that has been offered before using the new focus-grouped terms.  While the picture has potential, the edges of the images within remain somewhat soft as if blurred by the overused and frayed brush.

He did scale back the number of Americans without health insurance coverage from 47 million to 30 million.  That may have been a recount not including illegal aliens.  It may also reconsider those individuals who choose not to buy health insurance because they are young and generally healthy.  The reduced number could also be excluding those people who opt not to continue their health insurance to bridge the gap when they change jobs.

There are a number of people who don’t have health insurance for many reasons.  If all those people who do not have health insurance for their own reasons are eliminated, there appears to remain about 8-10 million.  Considering that the estimated cost for the program is $900 billion over the next ten years, that makes the cost of care $90,000-$112,500 per person per year or $750-$937.50 per person per month.  It doesn’t sound like bargain pricing to me.

What he did say was that there would be no increase in the deficit, not one dime.  (Shades of the $250k farce from his campaign.)  He also said that if it looked like the plan would not meet this goal then there would be spending cuts.  He continues to deny, however, that there will be any reduction in service or quality of service.  (Raise your hand now if you, too, see a contradiction in the last two statements.)

What he did say was that there would be no requirement to change the insurance you currently have.  The new program would only make it work better.  What was not said is that if you, for any reason, lose your current health insurance you will not be able to choose another insurer other than the government option.  Effectively this would mean that for every job change there would be one more person beholden to the government.  There would also be no need for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) that allows continued coverage under an existing policy while searching for another insurer.

What was not said: (1) there will be over 50 new bureaucracies formed to oversee the “Public Option”, (2) the government has never run anything with any degree of efficiency or kept costs within budget and (3) the estimated cost of $900 billion may be less than the cost of the Afghan and Iraq wars, but it is in addition to those costs, not in replacement of them.

He did say that services for illegal immigrants are not included in H.R. 3200.  What he failed to relate to the nation is that there is no language specifically excluding them and therefore they are included by default and that health care professionals are restricted from asking about citizenship or legal status.

He did say that there would be no public funding for abortions.  What he conveniently neglected to share at this time is that there will be increased funding to Planned Parenthood and other agencies that promote abortion.

He intimated that nationwide competition will be offered and that it will drive costs down.  Fifty+ new bureaucracies will bring costs down? And, it will take federal regulation to override many states’s current industry controlling codes.  That could mean even more bureaucratic agencies.  Nationwide competition will be a great thing if it can be accomplished between the companies without the government mandates and/or oversight (more bureaucracies) and interference.

What he did say is that companies will be fined of 8% of their payroll for not providing a health insurance plan to employees.  What he did not say is that the current cost for health insurance exceeds 8% and companies seeing an opportunity to retain more of their earnings will drop insurance coverage forcing employees into the government option.

My head has been spinning ever since he made the $250k statement last summer.  I cannot understand how the government continues to employ more and more people who were formerly tax base producers of the public sector and claim that the economy is turning around.  If you reduce the tax base and increase the draw on the remaining base, how long can it last?  (Stand a triangle on one apex and see how long it remains standing.) It’s like borrowing from one credit card to make the minimum payment on ten others.  That scenario almost always ends in financial devastation and bankruptcy.  Yet somewhere close to 50% of the American population is accepting this insane premise because an eloquent orator tells them that the limit on card A will be raised and all will be OK.

All of H.R. 3200 deals with health maintenance and mitigation through drugs or surgery.  There is no component of this bill regarding wellness through regimented and controlled exercise, chiropractic, vitamin and nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture or any alternative therapy that is non-invasive and without potentially dangerous side effects.  Virtually every synthetic pharmaceutical is designed to treat symptoms, not address the underlying problem.   The side effects created by one drug may require another drug to belay the symptoms of those side effects.  Any incision, any disruption to the integrity of our protective membranes runs the risk of serious infection.  And yet, this is called health care.  The good news is that soon it will be free for all!  FREE!


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