Health care does need reform.  The auto industry did not need support.  Willing American workers throughout the nation need jobs.  The financial industry certainly got into some serious problems.  Mortgage lenders now have more real inventory than liquidity.  Capitalism is a series of tilts and balances that tend to settle on the high side when left to self correct.

It’s easy to understand that our nation is in need of some major changes to get back on track again.  Is it really necessary to do away with everything that has worked in the past and replace it with what has not worked well in virtually every other country?  Doesn’t it seem more logical to step back, regroup, hold onto what we have and revamp the less desirable components, to start again with the base or foundation in place and restore the structure?  Why is it necessary to completely reverse everything that has made this country great just to effect CHANGE?

This administration is not interested in making our infrastructure better; it is only interested in taking it 180 degrees from what we had.  Our systems worked: finance, industry, medical, everything in which we engaged worked for over 230 years as we grew and prospered.  They would have continued working if only given the opportunity to make the corrections necessary to allow for the current times.

Like the tides, surges and recessions come and go.  Sometimes the wave, such as we have experienced over recent the past ten to fifteen years, is elevated beyond the anticipated. To ride the swell is exhilarating and exciting.  But, there is always a correction for each wave period resulting in a trough or recession.  The greater the wave is, the more powerful the receding surf.  We are now in that ebb tide.  But, that should not empower our government to drain the ocean and replace it with rocks.

Our government, over the past few administrations and Congressional sessions, has disconnected with what the founding fathers had in mind for our nation.  That disconnect has taken us from the position of a respected authoritative world leader to one of disdain as an arrogant authoritarian figure.  This loathing of our elite is not only among other nations, it is also being expressed within our citizenry.  The founders sought a government that governed and made sure through their writings that freedom of the people was a primary concern.

Govern – to rule with authority, to influence or direct, to conduct the affairs of an organization or country.

Over the past nine months we have seen a government takeover of most of the infrastructure that made America the envy of virtually every nation around the globe.  Now we are seeing the melding of that greatness into a global society that will make each nation and every person equal to all others in all respects.  Incentive to be greater or do better will fall, like the pendulum that, when left alone to swing freely, reaches a neutral and stagnant position.  There will be no need for the common person to attempt to excel unless it is to achieve a position with government.

Usurp – to take power or authority wrongfully or by force.

The government has taken, and will continue to take more and more freedoms and rights from the American people, under the guise of governing.  And as long as “We the People” continue to pay more attention to the melody than the words of the song, we will continue authorizing them to do so.

Your vote counts.  If you haven’t yet, begin to research the candidates that may run for office: local, state and federal.  We do need change.  This time we need reasoned change, not just change for the sake of change.  Think about the meaning of the words the candidates use.  Don’t become enamored by the appearance, mannerisms or oratory ability of the individual.  If you are promised all that you want, ask if it will be right for the greatest majority and not just you individually.  Also, ask if the promises are truly feasible and at what cost.  We are finding out that change can be more costly than beneficial.


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