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October 13, 2009

It’s one thing to attack the people who voice discomfort with the government.  That voice of course was given to the people in the Bill of Rights.  It was so important to the founders of this nation that they incorporated the wording in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Citizens of America take to the streets peacefully protesting how our government is eroding our freedoms and causing each responsible person to work harder to support that government and its dependents.  The government calls the citizens Right Wing Extremists in a failing attempt to dismiss the peoples’ concerns rather than addressing them.  They verbally run ’em down.

Our established government has, for decades now, been usurping the authority granted to the people of this country.  The immediate past and current administrations have accelerated that freedom taking, first in the name of National Defense and currently to defend a more personal agenda.

It’s expected behavior for this administration to attack FOX News for in-depth investigating and telling the truth about the government we have in place.  The FOX News team, too, expresses discomfort with the eroding rights of the citizens, and their reporters ask questions that others choose not to ask and the government wants not to answer.  Fox news then reports the answers to the world.  Those answers often make our elected and appointed officials uncomfortable so the entire network organization has been labeled a Right Wing Driving Force and mouthpiece for the Republican Party.  They verbally run ’em down.

And, I guess it’s okay to attack insurance companies when they give an honest estimate of cost increases that will be caused by the new mandatory health care bill.  The insurance industry has estimated that the average cost of insuring a family will increase over $1,700 per year by 2013.  The government (the same government that cannot accurately estimate the cost of their own proposed or enacted bills and programs within ten billion dollars) doesn’t like the announcement.  They have labeled the study “distorted and flawed” and called it sabotage without even analyzing it.

The insurance options being proposed by both the insurance companies and the government are not wellness options, they are illness mitigation options.  The programs are all predicated on making sick people well or at least better.  They have nothing to do with preventative health that can reduce the cost and risks of prolonged illness.  They have nothing to do with keeping healthy people well or making people healthier.

Insurance companies and the insurance industry do definitely need reform.  For-profit medical care should offer competitive way of helping people remain healthy.  They don’t need to be thrown aside and replaced, they need to be reformed.

Needless to say, the government has not offered any alternative figures.  They say that health care costs will go down, and that’s all they can offer.  All this administration can do once again is belittle, demean and besmirch their opposition and not offer a reasoned counter argument.  They verbally run ’em down.

Beware if you have questions regarding the righteousness of our current government.  They will do their level best to run you down.  That is apparently their only defense for the “reform” they are forcing upon us because they have been unable to offer any reasonable explanation for the moves that are being made with such great haste.

Without a viable counter, the only defense is to viciously attack their opponents.  So far it has been with words.  Soon, I expect, this over-controlling administration may become so frustrated with not having satisfactory answers for what should be simple questions that there could be a black SUV seen barreling into a crowd of  peacefully assembled citizens.   No more talking.  That’s the Chicago way.


October 11, 2009

I accept the fact that I’m not too bright and don’t understand a lot of things in this world.  But I have been really, really confused ever since I heard Obama speak on the campaign trail early last year on how he was going to change the U.S. by implementing new entitlement programs, reduce taxes for the middle and lower income families and save money for the American people at the same time.  Unlike the previous president who divided the nation, this one was going to bring the people back together.

Then he gave another speech and again contradicted everything that I thought until that time was real and fact.  I was sure that enough people would hear the words to the song and not just listen to the harmonic melody.  But I was wrong again and he was actually elected President of the United States of America.

That was just over nine months ago when there still was a United States of America.  That has since changed.  Some states are drawing up paperwork to secede from the federal government and become their own country within the existing boundaries of the U.S.  Other states are becoming much stronger about the rights of the states versus the authority of the federal government.

Beyond the general idiocy that we face from our federal government in these times is the question of unemployment figures.  My small mind simply can’t wrap around the nonsense that is being fed to me and all of America.

I’m told that the economy is recovering because only X,000 jobs were lost last week as opposed to X,005 the week prior.  But one question that is not answered is, “How many private sector jobs were available at the beginning of each week.”

I checked the government web site for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, skimmed through their hundreds of pages of data complete with charts, pictures, maps, facts and figures.  They tell how many new unemployment claims have been made.  They show which employment sectors have lost how many jobs.  They show that the federal government is growing as the private sector loses jobs by the thousands.  Almost all the information is there.  What I can’t find is the percentage of layoffs to the number of available jobs…today, yesterday, last week or last month.

Here’s how I look at it. If there are 100 available jobs the first week of October and 20 of them go away you’ve lost 20% of the workforce.  The second week of October there are only 80 jobs to begin with.  So, even if only 16 people are laid off, the smaller number still equals 20% of the workforce lost jobs.  Is that recovery or is that deliberate statistical manipulation and distribution of disinformation to garner support for a government that is doing little other than aggravating the situation?

Another question I have is, “If private sector jobs are being lost and public sector jobs are growing, how long can it be before we have more people receiving money from the government than can be supported by the out-of-work citizens?  Most people, with severely limited income, tend to spend less in the economy and produce less tax (sales tax, use tax, excise tax, luxury tax, tax-tax, etc.) for the government to misuse.

I’ve read that we have over 50% of the population now dependent on some government entity, at some level, for their income and/or well-being.  That percentage includes all groups: direct and indirect government employees including military, welfare, unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, subsidized housing, disabled, transportation and on and on.

Yes, government workers also pay taxes, (Well… except for Charlie Rangel, Timothy Geithner and a lot of other elected or appointed officials.) but there is no way that government employees can produce enough taxes to recover them as wages and pay all the other entitlement programs.

Choose your candidates wisely.  Watching Survivor, CSI or Oprah is an escape from reality.  It will not make life better.

Listen to the lyrics, not just the melody when politicians perform for the public.  Pay attention!  Vote wisely!


October 4, 2009

I feel so sorry for Sasha and Malia.  Remember when Sarah Palin was picked to run with John McCain?  Remember all the questions about how she would take care of her family if she became Vice President?  I guess Sasha and Malia Obama are unworthy of that same concern because I haven’t heard a word about it.

Mom and Dad Obama are gone almost constantly on dates to New York, campaigning, or on vacations to Martha’s Vineyard, the Mid East, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, etc.  On all occasions, friends are invited to join them on their jaunts within the country and abroad.  Oh yes sometimes they take the girls with them, but for the most part they travel as a couple.  Sometimes they travel to the same location individually to double the carbon footprint and the burden on the citizenry.

Most recently we have seen Michelle, and her good buddy Oprah, flying to Copenhagen on the 757 luxury liner owned by the American people.  They were later joined by the President on Air Force One, (his personal jumbo jet, temporarily on loan from a starving populace) a few days later.  The trip was fed to the American public as one necessary to secure the 2016 Olympics for the United States and Chicago in particular.  Not unlike almost everything else the President has attempted so far, the plea was a resounding failure.  The real reason for the trip was yet another country visited by the Obamas and their friends – at your expense.  (I’m personally convinced that there is a pin map of the world at the White House.  That map is to identify every country visited or at least ‘touched down’.   The goal is to fill the map within four years.)

Obama would have taken all the credit for the work of the U.S. National Olympic Committee over the past four+ years  had he been able to secure the games for Chicago.  Instead, it’s Bush’s fault that he didn’t.  But then all the insane government spending and everything else is Bush’s fault – but that’s another rant.

So I have to ask, “How would this be different from a female Vice President leaving her children behind to conduct the affairs of the nation?”  Or, is it just that this party is Democrats and Sarah Palin is not?

And when I say Democrat Party, I mean PARTY!  After the first few months of the Presidency, the silence regarding Wednesday night concerts at the White House is almost frightening, but the concerts continue.  Also in the shadows now are the barbeques, pizza parties, etc. for the friends and donors of the first family, yet we know that they too, are on-going at the taxpayer’s expense.  (Isn’t it amazing how negative images of this President or his policies disappear rapidly?)

I’m certainly not suggesting that other presidents haven’t had their fair share of comfort while in office, not at all.  But while the people of this country are suffering, is it right for the Obamas to be living it up to this extent on our ever-increasing taxes.

As for Malia and Sasha, how will they be affected as latch-key kids while Mom and Dad are partying in far away places?  Not only are they being neglected by their parents, but they are in a country that is so racially biased it has to be declared every time daddy doesn’t get his way.  The psychological trauma will have them on a lifetime of psychotropic medications.  Or…or, maybe they’ll just be ‘counseled’ early to alleviate the emotional pain and avoid the continued expense for problems that cannot be overcome through synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Your vote counts…once if you vote Republican and as many times as necessary to win if you vote Democrat.  Vote wisely.