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November 27, 2009

Another stimulus package is in the wind and expected passage could be as early as January, 2010.  This stimulus package is meant to energize the job market and get the economy back on track.  The first stimulus package was so laden with personal paybacks and buy-offs that it has been referred to as the “Pork Barrel Spending Package”, “The Spending Package” and many other names not including the word “Stimulus”.

The actual stimulus for this package included a check for $250 for each working individual and everybody on Welfare.  There was so much spending by Congress and so little expected actual economic benefit from the $787,000,000,000, that included in the package was an extension of unemployment benefits.  It was meant to appease those out of work and those who were about to lose their jobs due to the insane spending by the new administration.  And, to a certain extent, it worked – for a while.  People were blinded to the fact that new and increased taxes caused everything to cost just a little bit more.

The fact is that since the first stimulus package was passed, almost 3.5 million additional jobs have been lost.  The administration claims to have ‘saved or created’ about 640,000 jobs.  First, that is a false and highly exaggerated number.  Second, of the jobs actually created or saved, over half of them are government jobs paid for by the taxes of the few remaining civilian workers.

Creating government jobs is easy, simply appoint a czar and a whole bureaucracy falls into place behind him or her.  Government jobs do nothing for the economy but additional government jobs do work against any economic recovery.

A new spending package for 2010 will be like taking a pill to cover the symptoms of a new problem created by the pill you took to cover the symptoms of a problem you are having.  You still have the problem, you just aren’t aware of it because the symptoms are being masked by synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Here’s an example.  You relate it the best way you can to the current problem in Washington, D.C.:  You have a hang nail.  It’s diagnosed as dry skin so you take a pill (I’ll call it Nangnail) that is supposed to internally moisturize the epidermal coverings on your fingers.  Two weeks after taking the Nangnail daily you recognize that you have to urinate more frequently.  A trip back to the doctor rates you a new prescription to allow you to hold your urine for longer periods.  This one I’ll designate as “Nogonow”.

Everything is fine for a period of say six months before you recognize a pain in your left side.  The doctor offers a diagnosis of an ulcerated colon (a common side effect of the Nogonow).  Now you have a situation where you require invasive surgery – for a hangnail!

Another multi-billion dollar “Stimulus” is going to do little more than allow our elected and appointed elite the opportunity to grab some more cash for their personal retirement package and drive the country  further into debt.  That’s the goal of this administration, grab what you can and destroy the wealth of a once great nation.

It’s about power and control.  Once everybody is completely dependent on the government, they will have the power to control every aspect of our lives.  They are doing it with the amount of money we can earn, the employer we can work for, the house we can buy, the health care we are allowed, the cars we can drive and, soon, where and how we can be buried.  This is not a stimulus; it’s another impediment to economic growth and recovery.

If you have even a semi-functioning brain you have to be scared enough to do something.  You can either lay in a fetal position and worry, waiting for the worst, or you can make it known to your “Governmental Representatives” that you will take it no longer.

I choose the latter.  That’s why I’m certain I’m on ‘THE LIST’.  But I could not care less. I tend to cramp and I’m uncomfortable in a fetal position.

If you do nothing else, know your candidates and VOTE!  Recall is never out of the question for anyone we have sent to represent our interests, at any level of government.


November 26, 2009

So, let me see if I get this correctly.  We cannot interrogate subversives and terrorists when we have them in custody.  We cannot gain any intel from those who want to kill us.  Putting women’s panties on the head of a captured terrorist is considered torture and our men and women in uniform must be prosecuted, stripped of rank and incarcerated for the act.

The Border Patrol cannot protect themselves against illegal aliens who are trying to kill them.  The military cannot protect themselves against terrorists who want to kill them because there might be civilians in the area.  Police officers cannot draw their weapons when threatened.

America, once the most respected country in the world, is now the laughing stock of every nation and group that wishes to do us harm.    And we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to be hurt.  Our enemies are using the political correctness of our government against us.  The more we let them, the stronger they are and the weaker we become.  They laugh at us; we try to “make nice” with them causing them to only laugh even harder.

Most recently, three Navy SEALS captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq.  Ahmed Hashim Abed masterminded the mutilation and hanging of security guards in Fallujah.  He was captured and told military investigators that his captors punched him.  Nobody witnessed the brutality that allegedly took place after he was confined, but Abed had a bloody lip so the SEALS, who should be commended for doing their job, will instead be court-martialed.  Abed might have done it himself knowing how timid we are now.

Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean (U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents) were sentenced to 11 and 12 years for doing their job.  They did their job; they went to jail.  The smuggler was granted a border pass and allowed to come and go at will until he was finally arrested for another drug smuggling operation.

Police officers are shot and killed in the line of duty daily because they hesitate to pull their weapons for fear of losing their jobs or their freedom.

Our government is prosecuting its own defenders in order to appease our enemies and outlaws.  The people we elect keep stealing our money for their own foolish self-aggrandizement.  CAIR continues to receive tax-exempt donations that they forward to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda.  Our Constitution has been declared unconstitutional and the President of the United States still hasn’t identified himself.  How long can we honestly expect this nation last?


November 25, 2009

The Health Scare mess is not about health or care; it is about power and control.  The rationing has started already and the bill isn’t even in the final stages.  Does anyone really think that mammograms to identify breast cancer in the earliest stages are not necessary until age 50?  If that is so, why have private insurance companies (those evil, greedy, profit driven businessmen) been providing this service as a preventative method of diagnosing a potential problem for early treatment?  If it’s a radiation concern, the government should quit irradiating us every time we enter a government building or get on an airplane or train and there would be less risk of cancer.

This move to convince women that it is not an effective preventative measure is nothing but the prelude to the rationed care that we will all be receiving shortly.  The next step, I imagine, will be setting back the need for men to have a prostate exam to age 60 or so.  Colonoscopy – why bother?   Then, when you’re finally diagnosed with cancer in the latter stages there will always be the comfort of ‘End of Life Counseling’ rather than treatment.  We’ll just have to put up with the effects of aging.

If our government really wants us to have the best and most economical health care possible, why not just include us in the plan we’re already paying for?  That would be the same health care plan that Congress, the President and many government workers have.  There is always economy of scale (except in bureaucracies).  If that is so, why not just incorporate the citizens of America in the system that is already paid for in whole, with our tax dollars?  They have purposefully exempted themselves from the best health care possible, that which they are going to thrust upon the rest of us.



If some people are capable of paying extra premiums for better health care, and are willing to pay them, why would the government want to penalize them for taking care of themselves and not burdening society?  The current proposals have a provision for extra taxation on “Cadillac plans”.  This is not concern for health; this is nothing more than another way to suck more money out of the pockets of those who already provide more than their fair share.

There is no reason to completely discard and replace our current health care system.  Perhaps a revamping might be in order, but not under the hand of the government.  This move really has nothing to do with providing health care.  It has to do with government control.

By nationalizing all health records, the government will also have access to every bit of personal and financial information about every citizen.  It could have been done by combining any databases, just not as simply.  Not everybody has a driver license.  Not everybody has a credit card.  Not everybody is employed.  But everybody sees a doctor at some time.  And when they do they provide information – date and place of birth, ethnicity, mother’s maiden name, father’s name, family health history, social security number, current address, employer, next of kin and insurance information (that can be accessed for any additional personal information).

And then there’s the census.

Take some power back from our elected captors.  Vote, and vote wisely.


November 20, 2009

With unemployment skyrocketing, illegal aliens remaining in jobs that could be filled by our unemployed and the dollar falling faster than Obama in front of any other world leader you’d think that congress would be working fast and furious on the problems of the nation.  Instead congress is wasting time out of their three day work week declaring “Official” days.  Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) wants to introduce House Concurrent Resolution 155 and is seeking co-sponsors.  C.R. 155 would make the day before Thanksgiving the official “Complaint Free Wednesday”.

This is the nonsense we are putting up with due to a lack term limits.  Term limits would eliminate the deadwood, some of the idiocy and much of the graft from congress.  There are simply too many Americans who are unwilling to pay attention and are too complacent to vote them out of office. A more regular turnover might replace some of them with representatives who are willing to do the work of the nation.  They could be making something “Official” that would really count and save unfathomable billions of dollars at the same time.  If they would just make English the official language of the United States it would solve a lot of problems and cut printing and personnel costs so radically that even the G.A.O. cannot estimate the savings.

How about this scenario?

DMV employee: “Here’s your driver license test sir, it’s in English.”

Applicant:  “Je ne comprende pas.”

DMV employee:  “What?”

Applicant:  “Je ne comprende pas.”

DMV employee:  “I’m sorry; I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Helpful observer:  “What he’s saying is that he doesn’t understand what you are saying.  He doesn’t read or understand English.”

DMV employee:  “Well then he probably cannot read the traffic safety and warning signs on our roads.  NEXT!”


“Here’s your application for Welfare, madam.”

“No comprende.”

“Just fill out the form and we will mail you a check.”

“No comprende.”

“This is America, we speak English.  Do you understand English?”

“No comprende.”



“Here’s your ballot, sir.”


“No, it’s only in English.”



And in the courts…”You have a right to an attorney.  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided.  I’m sorry we don’t have anyone on staff that speaks Swahili and we do have a limited budget; you’ll have to provide your own interpreter.”

By printing all official documents in only one language, the costs for translation, editing, printing, etc. will save untold fortunes for our citizens who pay for the printing costs.  It could also eliminate non-citizens from electing imbeciles to the government.  After all, to be a naturalized citizen you must demonstrate that you can speak, understand, read and write in English.  So what is the need for 7-12 different ballot translations, or driver license test translations or any translations of any official government document?  If you speak only a foreign language, why do you expect us to cater to your needs?  You provide a translator that speaks English and Margaret will help you.

Think about the fact that government offices would then be able to hire people with skills, capabilities and qualifications, not just those who can speak with a certain segment of the population.  This is not bigoted, bias or racist in any way.  If anything it is just the opposite, it is promoting equality.  Everybody is treated the same – in English.  We’ll provide service; we only ask that you ask for it in a language we can understand.

How did this country get to the point where we allow aliens (legal and illegal) to suck money out of our pockets catering to their needs?  Why do we allow foreign nationals to vote for someone who will be governing us?  No valid picture I.D., no vote.  NEXT!

Hear ye, hear ye congress and all elected officials (local, state and federal) listen up!  If you don’t start working for us, we’re going to fire you.  NEXT!


November 18, 2009

So today we read that the Associated Press has assigned eleven (11) reporters to fact check Sarah Palin’s new book “Going Rogue”.  That’s a lot of man hours devoted to trying to find fault with the words and works of a single individual.  What is it about this woman who stands a mere 5’4 ¾” that causes so much fear in liberals?  It’s not as if she’s Tony Rezko or William Ayres or even the afore unknown Barack Obama that the AP found no reason to research.

In fact, to date they haven’t bothered to check the credentials or qualifications of the most powerful and influential man in the United States.  Is it because he’s black?  Perhaps it’s because he’s a man?  Maybe it’s because he’s a liberal (very liberal) Democrat who stands over a foot and a half taller?

AP didn’t bother to fact check either of Obama’s books.  They didn’t fact check the hideous attempt to present a recognizably fraudulent birth certificate that was presented online to qualify him for POTUS.  AP didn’t bother to check and see how many of Ted Kennedy’s millions of dollars were dedicated to the poor instead of his own family.  After all, he voted hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to the worthy cause of the needy over his (too) many years in the Senate.  Could it be because of his surname?

Finally we have a news outlet that is actually doing something to verify the stories that are presented to the public.  That’s a good thing.  But I can’t help seeing an ever so slight left bias to this fact finding mission.

Sarah Palin isn’t hard to look at.  She hasn’t set off any bombs in New York or Chicago.  She hasn’t caused any mass atrocities that we know about.  So what makes the left so afraid of her?  It has to be fear of something.  Could it be that she has principles and her ideals conform to those of the founding fathers and not those of the One World Monarch wannabe, Obama?

They report, you decide.

Pay close attention to what you hear and read.  Do your own fact checking using various sources and draw your own reasoned conclusions.  And please, VOTE WISELY next time.