So today we read that the Associated Press has assigned eleven (11) reporters to fact check Sarah Palin’s new book “Going Rogue”.  That’s a lot of man hours devoted to trying to find fault with the words and works of a single individual.  What is it about this woman who stands a mere 5’4 ¾” that causes so much fear in liberals?  It’s not as if she’s Tony Rezko or William Ayres or even the afore unknown Barack Obama that the AP found no reason to research.

In fact, to date they haven’t bothered to check the credentials or qualifications of the most powerful and influential man in the United States.  Is it because he’s black?  Perhaps it’s because he’s a man?  Maybe it’s because he’s a liberal (very liberal) Democrat who stands over a foot and a half taller?

AP didn’t bother to fact check either of Obama’s books.  They didn’t fact check the hideous attempt to present a recognizably fraudulent birth certificate that was presented online to qualify him for POTUS.  AP didn’t bother to check and see how many of Ted Kennedy’s millions of dollars were dedicated to the poor instead of his own family.  After all, he voted hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to the worthy cause of the needy over his (too) many years in the Senate.  Could it be because of his surname?

Finally we have a news outlet that is actually doing something to verify the stories that are presented to the public.  That’s a good thing.  But I can’t help seeing an ever so slight left bias to this fact finding mission.

Sarah Palin isn’t hard to look at.  She hasn’t set off any bombs in New York or Chicago.  She hasn’t caused any mass atrocities that we know about.  So what makes the left so afraid of her?  It has to be fear of something.  Could it be that she has principles and her ideals conform to those of the founding fathers and not those of the One World Monarch wannabe, Obama?

They report, you decide.

Pay close attention to what you hear and read.  Do your own fact checking using various sources and draw your own reasoned conclusions.  And please, VOTE WISELY next time.


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