The Health Scare mess is not about health or care; it is about power and control.  The rationing has started already and the bill isn’t even in the final stages.  Does anyone really think that mammograms to identify breast cancer in the earliest stages are not necessary until age 50?  If that is so, why have private insurance companies (those evil, greedy, profit driven businessmen) been providing this service as a preventative method of diagnosing a potential problem for early treatment?  If it’s a radiation concern, the government should quit irradiating us every time we enter a government building or get on an airplane or train and there would be less risk of cancer.

This move to convince women that it is not an effective preventative measure is nothing but the prelude to the rationed care that we will all be receiving shortly.  The next step, I imagine, will be setting back the need for men to have a prostate exam to age 60 or so.  Colonoscopy – why bother?   Then, when you’re finally diagnosed with cancer in the latter stages there will always be the comfort of ‘End of Life Counseling’ rather than treatment.  We’ll just have to put up with the effects of aging.

If our government really wants us to have the best and most economical health care possible, why not just include us in the plan we’re already paying for?  That would be the same health care plan that Congress, the President and many government workers have.  There is always economy of scale (except in bureaucracies).  If that is so, why not just incorporate the citizens of America in the system that is already paid for in whole, with our tax dollars?  They have purposefully exempted themselves from the best health care possible, that which they are going to thrust upon the rest of us.



If some people are capable of paying extra premiums for better health care, and are willing to pay them, why would the government want to penalize them for taking care of themselves and not burdening society?  The current proposals have a provision for extra taxation on “Cadillac plans”.  This is not concern for health; this is nothing more than another way to suck more money out of the pockets of those who already provide more than their fair share.

There is no reason to completely discard and replace our current health care system.  Perhaps a revamping might be in order, but not under the hand of the government.  This move really has nothing to do with providing health care.  It has to do with government control.

By nationalizing all health records, the government will also have access to every bit of personal and financial information about every citizen.  It could have been done by combining any databases, just not as simply.  Not everybody has a driver license.  Not everybody has a credit card.  Not everybody is employed.  But everybody sees a doctor at some time.  And when they do they provide information – date and place of birth, ethnicity, mother’s maiden name, father’s name, family health history, social security number, current address, employer, next of kin and insurance information (that can be accessed for any additional personal information).

And then there’s the census.

Take some power back from our elected captors.  Vote, and vote wisely.


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