Another stimulus package is in the wind and expected passage could be as early as January, 2010.  This stimulus package is meant to energize the job market and get the economy back on track.  The first stimulus package was so laden with personal paybacks and buy-offs that it has been referred to as the “Pork Barrel Spending Package”, “The Spending Package” and many other names not including the word “Stimulus”.

The actual stimulus for this package included a check for $250 for each working individual and everybody on Welfare.  There was so much spending by Congress and so little expected actual economic benefit from the $787,000,000,000, that included in the package was an extension of unemployment benefits.  It was meant to appease those out of work and those who were about to lose their jobs due to the insane spending by the new administration.  And, to a certain extent, it worked – for a while.  People were blinded to the fact that new and increased taxes caused everything to cost just a little bit more.

The fact is that since the first stimulus package was passed, almost 3.5 million additional jobs have been lost.  The administration claims to have ‘saved or created’ about 640,000 jobs.  First, that is a false and highly exaggerated number.  Second, of the jobs actually created or saved, over half of them are government jobs paid for by the taxes of the few remaining civilian workers.

Creating government jobs is easy, simply appoint a czar and a whole bureaucracy falls into place behind him or her.  Government jobs do nothing for the economy but additional government jobs do work against any economic recovery.

A new spending package for 2010 will be like taking a pill to cover the symptoms of a new problem created by the pill you took to cover the symptoms of a problem you are having.  You still have the problem, you just aren’t aware of it because the symptoms are being masked by synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Here’s an example.  You relate it the best way you can to the current problem in Washington, D.C.:  You have a hang nail.  It’s diagnosed as dry skin so you take a pill (I’ll call it Nangnail) that is supposed to internally moisturize the epidermal coverings on your fingers.  Two weeks after taking the Nangnail daily you recognize that you have to urinate more frequently.  A trip back to the doctor rates you a new prescription to allow you to hold your urine for longer periods.  This one I’ll designate as “Nogonow”.

Everything is fine for a period of say six months before you recognize a pain in your left side.  The doctor offers a diagnosis of an ulcerated colon (a common side effect of the Nogonow).  Now you have a situation where you require invasive surgery – for a hangnail!

Another multi-billion dollar “Stimulus” is going to do little more than allow our elected and appointed elite the opportunity to grab some more cash for their personal retirement package and drive the country  further into debt.  That’s the goal of this administration, grab what you can and destroy the wealth of a once great nation.

It’s about power and control.  Once everybody is completely dependent on the government, they will have the power to control every aspect of our lives.  They are doing it with the amount of money we can earn, the employer we can work for, the house we can buy, the health care we are allowed, the cars we can drive and, soon, where and how we can be buried.  This is not a stimulus; it’s another impediment to economic growth and recovery.

If you have even a semi-functioning brain you have to be scared enough to do something.  You can either lay in a fetal position and worry, waiting for the worst, or you can make it known to your “Governmental Representatives” that you will take it no longer.

I choose the latter.  That’s why I’m certain I’m on ‘THE LIST’.  But I could not care less. I tend to cramp and I’m uncomfortable in a fetal position.

If you do nothing else, know your candidates and VOTE!  Recall is never out of the question for anyone we have sent to represent our interests, at any level of government.


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6 Responses to “STIMULUS 2010”

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    I see no connection to this post but have allowed the comment to keep the obviously confused liberal writer from whining about “fairness”. Bob


  2. greg Says:

    bob ur right about everything u printed on this page im a activist from congressmans dan lipinskis 3rd district and the 23rd ward of chicago i saw fox news sat am saying stimulis 2 has a pork giving 2mil to university in arizona for how ants work what what are they insane govt workers get 20% more in pay than the private sector govt needs to cut back and lets small business do their thing bob, why do banks not give loans out when they paid back money loaned to them with interest? email me anytime email me if i can help u from this end greg


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