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December 31, 2009

The United States continues to fall further and further behind the rest of the world in basic education.  In particular, the public education system is failing miserably in the areas of math and science.  There is only a light touching on ancient history, little discussion of American history, virtually no concentration on geography, and civics now is a series of  liberal indoctrination meetings.

Though our kids are becoming less and less able to compete in a “Global Society”, they will be able to protest any sane or reasonable policy or accept and welcome the perverted and cultist people of the world.  The academic standards are again being lowered to allow apparent higher test results.  The students have to put out less effort, absorb the propaganda to which they are being exposed and still receive a passing grade.

Public schools are no longer educational settings; they have become indoctrination venues to reverse everything that the founding fathers envisioned or that the Constitution embraces.  In Texas, public school teachers and administrators will now be held accountable for “discriminatory practices”.  That may sound reasonable on the surface given that the catch-phrase includes such areas as racism and sexism.  However when one recognizes that the employees will also be censured and disciplined for expressing a hetero-sexist viewpoint, espousing mores or traditional standards, one has to wonder exactly what is being taught to our youth.   Admonitions are given to teachers who define education as a “basic skill”.  The government trained and educated professionals are no longer expected to help our children learn to think freely for themselves, they are instituted to tell our children what to think.

Continuing with the insanity, President Obama recently commended the Mayo Clinic system for providing quality services at reasonable prices.  Shortly thereafter, the Mayo Clinic in Glendale, Arizona announced that they will no longer be able to treat Medicare patients.  The reason: government reimbursement for services amounts to 30%-60% of the actual costs incurred when treating the elderly.  Many primary care and general practitioners in private practice are not taking new Medicare patients for the same reason.  They are hoping that natural attrition will allow them to continue to treat their patients and they will not have to declare bankruptcy.

Congress is modeling a reformed health scare system after the Medicare model which is performing so poorly that physicians are returning to school for degrees in accounting or law, or becoming firemen or Indian Chiefs – anything they can do and actually be compensated commensurate with their skill, ability and knowledge.  With more skilled professionals leaving the medical field and more demands being put on those remaining with less remuneration, our government is causing the collapse of yet another once respected and renowned American institution.  This time it will be not only at the monetary expense of the citizens, it will be at the expense of our health and even our longevity.

Liberalism and Political Correctness are making a mockery of the U.S. and nations around the globe.  It is no longer acceptable practice for a police officer to stop and question someone in a beat up car dragging a bag of burglar tools behind when found cruising slowly in a wealthy neighborhood apparently seeking an unoccupied residence.  That is called profiling.  Keeping known Yemeni trained Muslim jihadists from boarding international flights filled with infidels is likewise forbidden, and law enforcement officers must wait until a scream or cry is heard from a youngster reluctantly led by the hand into a public restroom by a convicted child molester before approaching for fear of being sued for harassment.

Our current legislators and leaders are no longer governing, they are intruding.  They are not overseeing and coordinating for the betterment and advancement of the American people, they are dictating the way to the reversal of the systems that made us the leader of the industrial revolution, education, medicine, wealth and opportunity.

We are about to begin the second decade of the 21st century in a land once filled with hope and opportunity.  By returning the government “of the people, by the people and for the people” to the people, we might be able to restore some of the dignity and prosperity that once designated the United States as a world leader.  Perhaps we can even begin investigating and interrogating our enemies rather than prosecuting our patriotic defenders.  It will require a vote cast by every caring individual to eradicate Washington D.C. of the entire corrupt House of non-Representatives and over a third of the equally debauched and debased Senate.  It may even necessitate the removal of our national figure head whose qualifications and eligibility for the office are still in question.


We can sit by and let them continue to arrogate power over us until we are so weak individually and as a nation that we can no longer put up any resistance.  But those who choose this option can no longer claim victim hood or express disdain for those who actually do something to better their own lives.



December 20, 2009

It was 1970 when Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.  Though it was originally intended to destroy the Mafia, as with most laws passed by Congress, the RICO act was not confined to that one, or any, recognized criminal organizations.  In fact, it has almost never been applied to Mafia activities.

RICO has, however, been used to indict individuals and enterprises involved with or engaged in murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, embezzlement of pension and welfare funds, unlawful debt, obstruction of criminal investigations, obstruction of law enforcement, peonage, retaliating against a witness and various other nefarious activities.

For the RICO Act to apply to a person or enterprise, the entity must have committed any two of the 35 crimes the law encompasses.  We have in the United States of America, right now, a minimum of two such enterprises.  Those enterprises would be Congress (the Legislative branch of our government) and one of like ilk would be the Executive branch.

Taking a quick look it is easy to see how and why I conclude that the RICO Act is applicable to these two government branches.

1.   Extortion – Congress forces the citizens to pay them money for such things as working (employment and income taxes) under threat of fines and/or incarceration.

2.   Bribery – We have seen this take place through out our lives.  Both houses of Congress use the tax money collected from the citizens to pay for votes from other congressional members to get bills passed.  Our elected officials might actually vote their mind and principles (had they had any of either) if not for the purchase of their votes.

3.   Embezzlement of Pension or Welfare funds – This is also done, and has been done by both houses and the Executive branch.  The Social Security system that we are forced to pay into through payroll taxes (extortion) has been commingled with other funds to balance budgets for years.  The supposedly secure funds have also been used as matching funds on more projects than could ever be covered even if the money hadn’t been embezzled.

4.    Income Tax Evasion – Per capita, more people in the higher levels of office could be found guilty of this one crime alone.  Because of their elite positions, they are often offered the opportunity to amend the lies originally presented on form 1040 with no penalty.  Google Timothy Geithner for more information on this one area.

5.    Unlawful Debt – Originally applicable to gambling activity, this section of the act could also be argued for the way Congress and the President are incurring debt on future generation who have no ability to either grant or deny the use of any real or potential earnings.  Causing yet unborn citizens to begin life beholden to the government can only be seen as creating “unlawful debt”.

6.    Retaliating Against a Witness – Directly applicable to cover whistle blowers within the government.  Instead, those who come forward with inside information about criminal activities are most often threatened, intimidated and/or bribed to remain quiet, comprising both Obstruction of Law Enforcement and Obstruction of a Criminal Investigation.

Can you see two or more sections that might be applicable to our government officials either collectively or severally?  The major problem, as I see it, to applying RICO to our government is that charges would have to be brought by the Attorney General.  He would be calling for investigations of racketeering and other criminal activity in which he is most likely also guilty.   It’s a real fox and hen house situation.

Take a minute to think how applying the RICO Act to our elected and appointed officials could make life in the United States and your life better.  While you’re reflecting, you might also try to identify the best venue for the next American Revolt.  Boston worked once, but now we need a much, much larger stage.


December 16, 2009

Three hundred million dollars. That’s the amount Mary Landrieu got for her vote on the health scare bill.  $300,000,000!  Chris Dodd gets over $100,000,000 for Connecticut.  Ben Nelson gets extended Medicaid assistance (in perpetuity) for Nebraska at your expense.  Just as a kicker, one of the states with the lowest unemployment is Nebraska.  Now why can’t the residents of that state afford to pay for their own health insurance?  They’re working!  They certainly could if they each had a million dollars.

The current U.S. population is just over 308 million people, give or take ten to thirty million people who are here illegally.   So for the following calculations, let’s round that number to 300 million citizens.

A couple of hundred million dollars here and a couple of hundred million dollars there happen daily in Washington D.C.  It really doesn’t sound like much until you look at the total give-away collectively.  Once again, I ask every one reading this to look just a bit further.  Be aware of everything that is happening, not just what is loudly presented to you by the nightly liars.  Look at the $787,000,000,000 Pork Barrel Spending Bill that was passed earlier this year.  That bill was to stimulate the economy.  It was supposed to stabilize industry and create jobs.  Since its passage, over 3.5 million jobs have been lost and the only jobs “created or saved” have (virtually) all been public sector jobs; government expansion.

Using less than 40% of that same $787 billion, and using it slightly differently, could have well taken this country back to the days of aggressive growth and prosperity.  For instance:  If each citizen of this great country had received $1 million dollars that would use up only +/- $300 billion.

There are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in this country with tremendous ideas, skills and abilities whose hopes of ever starting a profitable business are rapidly fading.  Those people alone, given the opportunity, could employ hundreds of thousands of now unemployed or under employed workers.  They might even take on some of the current public funds sucking masses. Beyond that, there are the small and medium size businesses of yesterday that have been shuttered due to recent events that could once again re-employ hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of productive people.

Even those people who for years have been suckling on the government teat would, by default, become a positive factor in the restoration of the economy.  They might not head out for the workplace, but they would avail themselves of luxuries that were once only dreams.  They would contribute to the circulation of currency.  The economic assist from this population segment would undoubtedly be short-lived, and when the money ran out they would again sit back awaiting another government handout.  But it would help the jump-start.  Once a solid base could be reestablished, others could build on that platform.

Three hundred million dollars that once belonged to the people across this nation have gone to one state.  We have again subsidized a state (and I’m sure the personal pocketbook of the Senator) that has already received over $200 BILLION in aid since 2005.  While $300 million might seem like pocket change to her fellow Senators, it certainly could have gone to better use in my view.  An average of only $1 million for each citizen would do wonders for the nation in whole and for Louisiana as well.

For those who wish to counter with an argument of inflation let me say that it will be upon us so fast that there is little reason for concern about that mere $300 billion at this point, no matter who the recipients were.  Remember, we are using less than half of the money that Congress and this administration has already obligated.  There would be no reason to raise the debt ceiling because the annual spending deficit would be reduced.

My suggestion simply re-allocates a portion of the money Congress has already authorized and the rest could be cancelled.  It conforms to Obama’s leveling of the playing field.  It will have the same effect of taking from the ‘haves’ and giving to the ‘have-nots’.  It would actually take less and give more.

This Congress has now obligated over three-quarters of a trillion dollars of borrowed money and the net loss of jobs in the country continues to be in the hundreds of thousands monthly.  As of the latest available report, dated Dec. 4, 2009, the only geographic region of the country where job gains exceed the losses is (you guessed it) the District of Columbia.  Personally, I think we should reverse that trend!

Saving over half of the $787 billion would make each citizen a contributing member of the economy.  It would eliminate the need for a Comprehensive Health Reform Bill entirely and save the American taxpayers of today and future generations tens of trillions of dollars.  We could each select the doctors and quality of health we need without fear of payment (within reason).  We would have a rich economy and productive society once again.

Perhaps people would even feel good enough about themselves that we would vote for the most qualified representatives instead of the most electable ones.  We might also feel empowered enough to choose which ones stay and which are thrown out of office when they are blatantly involved in accepting bribes, skimming, influence peddling or other diverse criminal activities.


December 13, 2009

On Tuesday December 2, after listening to a speech by our gifted Orator-in-Charge, I posted a Morning Rant titled ‘TARGETS’.  This morning I read an interview transcript from NPR which validates and enforces exactly what was said in that post.  I suggest that every person, be they for or against the war and/or our troops read that interview at .

Our finest and bravest are now in a situation where they are subject to discipline and judicial threat for engaging the enemy.  That is simply not right.  If they are going to participate in a war, then they must be allowed to aggressively pursue a positive outcome.

The “whites of their eyes” concept was suggested to assure that the highly inaccurate, slow loading, percussion fired weaponry of the revolutionary war would be most effective against advancing British soldiers.  It was not to allow the enemy the first ability to kill our troops.  It is simply not necessary today.  We should not expect our men on the battle field to suffer casualties in order to defend a corrupt government from corrupt insurgents.

The people of Afghanistan do not want war.  They would be happy to live under any rule.  They certainly (in majority) don’t want to defend themselves, or their government, at the risk of injury or life.  They only want us to do it because of the wealth we bring to an otherwise impoverished nation.  They would be happy if Obama simply distributed $250 checks to each citizen and then left their country (not unlike most of our own citizens).

Soon, I’m certain, the rules of engagement will include:

1. You may only return fire if you are personally wounded or if a projectile passes within two feet of you.  Should the projectile pass beyond you, before you return fire, you must first check to make sure it was not meant to kill a yak, dog or other animal capable of providing sustenance.

2.  Before taking aggressive action, you are to contact your command center with a complete description of the alleged enemy.  The information regarding the alleged hostiles, will include but not be limited to: number of subjects, clothing description (including color, fabric and approximate size), age, sex, hair and eye color.

3.  Wait until signed, written permission to engage arrives at your location.  Permit to fire or return fire must be returned to Command at the end of the operation or the entire squad may be subject to a disciplinary or judicial hearing.

While I am proud of my combat service in an unpopular war, I don’t think I would again subject myself to duty overseas again, even if I were forty years younger.  I would, however, not give a second thought to defending myself and this country against “enemies foreign and domestic” should it be necessary on our soil.  But then, even our National Guard and Border Patrol agents are put on trial for doing the job of defending the country against intruders.

Please pray for our men in uniform and those serving without uniform.  I don’t mean the elected elite.  I mean those who are serving the country, not just themselves.


December 12, 2009

The President is all about reform; financial industry reform, auto industry reform, mortgage reform, health care reform, salary reform, government reform, etc.  Let’s examine the word ‘reform”.

The word reform is made up of the prefix (re) and the root word (form).  In this case the meaning of the prefix is ‘again or back’ as in: to redo or remake.  The word form holds the meaning of shape or structure.  There is no suggestion that the outcome of the forming of structures once again is right, proper or even beneficial…just different.  And, that my friends is exactly what we are getting, different, aka change.

That’s the way it is intended by this administration.  While there has been little accountability in Washington for decades, today there is virtually none – “reform”.   Congress has been bypassed with the appointment of political and social radicals more times than a fully loaded 1955 Volkswagen Kombi headed up Pike’s Peak.  That’s just in the past eleven months.

While the government is “suggesting early retirement” (read: firing) private sector corporate executives and capping salary and wages for the employees of our wealth producing industries, public sector jobs are increasing and salaries and wages are going up faster than a turbo-charged twin engine Ferrari prototype on a test track; at an average rate of 10,000 jobs per month.  Just two years ago there was only one person in the Department of Transportation making over $170,000 per year.  Today, in spite of the recession for the rest of us, there are almost 1,700 drawing that salary, or better.  A federal salary of $71,000 is roughly equivalent to a private sector position worthy of only about $40,000.

Makes you want to take your limited skills and abilities to the nearest government office and fill out form SF-171, doesn’t it?  You could be part of Obama’s solution instead of being an unemployed recipient of federal and state funds.  That solution, as it appears, is to take as many people off the private sector payrolls as possible.   A secondary goal (perhaps primary) is to grow the government to the point where it is no longer sustainable.  Then more REFORM can really begin.

Unaccountable social and political radicals, who are enamored with dictators and autocrats, controlling both the private and public sectors seems to be the change we’ve gotten with this reform.  Aren’t you beginning to love Bush?