What I heard last night: Obama said to the Taliban and Al Qaeda that he will be sending more targets into the area.  All Al Qaeda and the Taliban have to do is wait for about 10-14 months and we’ll back out of Afghanistan and they can have it.

In the past ten months we have seen this man do some really stupid things.  This move takes the cake, though.  He has broadcast to his friends in the villages and mountains exactly what the intentions of the U.S. government are at this time.  Now it’s up to them to sit back, perhaps do a bit of sniping or set off a couple more I.E.D.s and wait for the U.S. to retreat.

I have called this war “Vietnam without the trees” for some time now.  Why?  Because it could have been won long ago if the politicians could step back and let the military do the job for which they are trained and educated.  We have dedicated individuals who have more time ‘taking a dump’ in combat than Obama and/or Congressional members have had in war zones.  But our elite insist on running the war from afar.

Our men in the field, when confronted by an overwhelming insurgence, have been told by commanders in the rear that air and arty (artillery support) is out of the question far too frequently.   It seems that the Afghan government does not want any more civilian casualties.  So, if there is a village or farm within a half mile distance from the fighting, our troops have to throw rocks when they are overrun or are out of ammunition.

It’s time to either let our troops take the fight to the enemy or get our finest and bravest out of harm’s way.  Putting more men on the ground with their hands tied only shows the world just how weak this administration really is and how vulnerable this nation has become.

Let’s dip every projectile in lard before loading.  Perhaps if these religious zealots knew that, they may learn that we mean business and we’re not just providing targets.   Just a thought.

Pray for our defenders and recall for Obama.  Two simple but necessary things we can all do for our country.


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