A lot of “isms” have been attributed to our current president and the accompanying administration.  Marxism and socialism are only a couple of the labels given to the current governmental structure.  I’d like to add one more.  That would be the characterization of authoritarianism.

If we look at how micromanagement and control oversight has come about since January 20, 2009 it can only be said that it is not governance but dictatorial authority usurping.  The President, as a state senator, could not make a decision over 130 times.  This is the same who has cried “crisis” many times over in order to promote the importance of advancing his personal spending agenda hastily.  That agenda has caused the greatest debt the United States of America has known since inception.  But at least he has made some decisions – they were poor decisions, but decisions.  Perhaps he couldn’t finalize a choice before because he knew it would be wrong.  However, as President there are no dissenting or opposing votes.  His say is final.

In order to continue spending with little or no positive outcome, congress is ready to raise the authorized debt ceiling by an additional $1.8 trillion.  There has been no thought given to cutting back on expenses except for the vital area of military defense.  The banking and auto industries have received billions of dollars from the tax payers, many of the companies that were “bailed out” have declared or are about to declare bankruptcy in spite of the cash infusions.

All of those court ordered debt forgiveness cases have occurred after the federal government has stepped in, firing top executives and replacing them with hand picked appointees of the President.  It’s not surprising that the bankruptcies have occurred given that the executive replacements generally have no industry education or management experience in the fields they are now overseeing.  They are all public sector lay hens who have been sucking down taxpayer money their entire working (and I use the term loosely) lives either through grants or direct employment in the government.

One little mentioned facet of the bailouts is the handover of major control to the auto industry to labor unions.  And, according to a Wall Street Journal article earlier this week, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will seek to enact some 90 rules and regulations giving labor unions and workers more power.

With incapable executives in place and the workers having powerful lobbying influence over administration of the company’s payroll and positions, this is but a non-arm length extension of government into the private sector.  It is a recipe for disaster to all U.S. industry.

Also glossed over is the fact that the administration has forgiven the repayment of over $8 billion by Chrysler Corp.  It is money that has been borrowed from the taxpaying citizens of this country.  The government didn’t ask to borrow the money from us and they didn’t ask if it would be okay to release the debt.  They will simply cover it by instituting new, or raising existing, taxes against the will and wishes of their constituency.  It’s like a double whammy!  They take what we have paid, give it to someone else then charge us for the loss.

All the while, the House, the Senate and the President are working feverishly to force upon us, at our additional expense, a health care program that the majority of citizens do not want and cannot afford.

Marxism, socialism or dictatorial authoritarianism call it what you like.  It’s still not America of yesteryear.   And America will not be America in the future.

We cannot recover what we have lost.  We can only work together to assure that the loss does not continue.  You cannot spend your way out of debt, even if you call the credit card company and request a higher credit limit.

Please use your voting privilege wisely.  Recall is also an option.


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