The President is all about reform; financial industry reform, auto industry reform, mortgage reform, health care reform, salary reform, government reform, etc.  Let’s examine the word ‘reform”.

The word reform is made up of the prefix (re) and the root word (form).  In this case the meaning of the prefix is ‘again or back’ as in: to redo or remake.  The word form holds the meaning of shape or structure.  There is no suggestion that the outcome of the forming of structures once again is right, proper or even beneficial…just different.  And, that my friends is exactly what we are getting, different, aka change.

That’s the way it is intended by this administration.  While there has been little accountability in Washington for decades, today there is virtually none – “reform”.   Congress has been bypassed with the appointment of political and social radicals more times than a fully loaded 1955 Volkswagen Kombi headed up Pike’s Peak.  That’s just in the past eleven months.

While the government is “suggesting early retirement” (read: firing) private sector corporate executives and capping salary and wages for the employees of our wealth producing industries, public sector jobs are increasing and salaries and wages are going up faster than a turbo-charged twin engine Ferrari prototype on a test track; at an average rate of 10,000 jobs per month.  Just two years ago there was only one person in the Department of Transportation making over $170,000 per year.  Today, in spite of the recession for the rest of us, there are almost 1,700 drawing that salary, or better.  A federal salary of $71,000 is roughly equivalent to a private sector position worthy of only about $40,000.

Makes you want to take your limited skills and abilities to the nearest government office and fill out form SF-171, doesn’t it?  You could be part of Obama’s solution instead of being an unemployed recipient of federal and state funds.  That solution, as it appears, is to take as many people off the private sector payrolls as possible.   A secondary goal (perhaps primary) is to grow the government to the point where it is no longer sustainable.  Then more REFORM can really begin.

Unaccountable social and political radicals, who are enamored with dictators and autocrats, controlling both the private and public sectors seems to be the change we’ve gotten with this reform.  Aren’t you beginning to love Bush?


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