On Tuesday December 2, after listening to a speech by our gifted Orator-in-Charge, I posted a Morning Rant titled ‘TARGETS’.  This morning I read an interview transcript from NPR which validates and enforces exactly what was said in that post.  I suggest that every person, be they for or against the war and/or our troops read that interview at .

Our finest and bravest are now in a situation where they are subject to discipline and judicial threat for engaging the enemy.  That is simply not right.  If they are going to participate in a war, then they must be allowed to aggressively pursue a positive outcome.

The “whites of their eyes” concept was suggested to assure that the highly inaccurate, slow loading, percussion fired weaponry of the revolutionary war would be most effective against advancing British soldiers.  It was not to allow the enemy the first ability to kill our troops.  It is simply not necessary today.  We should not expect our men on the battle field to suffer casualties in order to defend a corrupt government from corrupt insurgents.

The people of Afghanistan do not want war.  They would be happy to live under any rule.  They certainly (in majority) don’t want to defend themselves, or their government, at the risk of injury or life.  They only want us to do it because of the wealth we bring to an otherwise impoverished nation.  They would be happy if Obama simply distributed $250 checks to each citizen and then left their country (not unlike most of our own citizens).

Soon, I’m certain, the rules of engagement will include:

1. You may only return fire if you are personally wounded or if a projectile passes within two feet of you.  Should the projectile pass beyond you, before you return fire, you must first check to make sure it was not meant to kill a yak, dog or other animal capable of providing sustenance.

2.  Before taking aggressive action, you are to contact your command center with a complete description of the alleged enemy.  The information regarding the alleged hostiles, will include but not be limited to: number of subjects, clothing description (including color, fabric and approximate size), age, sex, hair and eye color.

3.  Wait until signed, written permission to engage arrives at your location.  Permit to fire or return fire must be returned to Command at the end of the operation or the entire squad may be subject to a disciplinary or judicial hearing.

While I am proud of my combat service in an unpopular war, I don’t think I would again subject myself to duty overseas again, even if I were forty years younger.  I would, however, not give a second thought to defending myself and this country against “enemies foreign and domestic” should it be necessary on our soil.  But then, even our National Guard and Border Patrol agents are put on trial for doing the job of defending the country against intruders.

Please pray for our men in uniform and those serving without uniform.  I don’t mean the elected elite.  I mean those who are serving the country, not just themselves.


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